Blame Bush for Floods

The Mississippi River is rising – engorged with waters from the Midwest rains.

The rising Mississippi River is threatening to inundate cities along more than 300 miles of the nation’s main commercial waterway as floods that ravaged Iowa and caused billions of dollars of damage head downstream.

The National Weather Service issued at least 10 flood warnings for cities along the Mississippi in Illinois and Missouri. The warnings cover a span of about 325 miles (523 kilometers) from Dubuque, Iowa, where the river is forecast to stay above flood levels until June 20, south to St. Louis, where moderate flooding is taking place.

How long will it be before we start to hear that these floods are President Bush’s fault? That evil Bush. Blows up levees. Holds up relief. That evil, evil man. And heaven forbid if the waters make it all the way down to New Orleans. Strike up the band for the Katrina Redeux.

Back to Brigadoon

Dear Fiona has gone back to Brigadoon.

Cyd Charisse died in Los Angeles yesterday. She was 86. While she acted in some dramatic roles, she was first and always a dancer. Fred Astaire once called her “beautiful dynamite.”

But for me, she will always be Fiona, the girl that Tommy loved so much that he could summon Brigadoon back for “another day”.

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