Operation Love From Home UPDATE

Operation Love From Home made their goal!

They did it!

Thanks to Peach Pundit, Georgia On My Mind and McCain Blogs for linking back, and all the readers of Obi’s Sister for helping out! A few days after the original post (and the subsequent pickups), they noticed their traffic had increased by 1000%!!!

Our website, since going live a couple of months ago, averages about 300-400 hits per day. Imagine our surprise when we found out that yesterday, we were visited by over THREE THOUSAND people!! Not to mention that we got in over 200 e-cards for our troops yesterday alone! Up until yesterday, we’d only collected a little over one hundred in the month or so that the option has been available on our website.

We don’t have an advertising budget…so somebody out there is really talking us up. Someone blogged about us, or sent out an email with our web address, or even told a friend about a site they found to send a card to a soldier. Someone else saw what we were trying to accomplish here, and decided to help us out by spreading the word – after all, we can’t do this by ourselves! There are hundreds of thousands of troops stationed in remote and dangerous areas all over the world, and we could never dream of bringing them cards and packages without the help of people like you!

So whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your kind words of support in our Guest Book mean so much to all of us that have put in hours and hours of work to make this organization a reality. Thank you for helping us to bring a smile and a little bit of “LOVE FROM HOME” to our brave men and women fighting for our very freedom every day.

Yes, whoever you are internetz, bless you for helping out a good cause! This won’t be the last you’ll hear about Operation Love From Home.

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