Communists, Marxists and Terrorists, Oh My!

Many blogs, bigger and more notable than this little patch in the forest, continue to outline the vaporware that makes up Obama’s resume.

Over at RezcoWatch, Digging Deeper notes

…Obama is adopting the recommendations of his “advisers”, all of whom are married to corporate interests.

Ronald Reagan was right: personnel is policy. “It meant that if you want conservative policy, you had better go hire the smartest and toughest conservatives you can find to execute it”.

Since it is evident that for Obama personnel is policy, we are doomed…

But these two, oh boy, these two blow the doors off the wagon. He’s got experience alright, but not with the Girl Scouts selling cookies down the street.

First, (delinked) Little Green Footballs highlights an article up on Obama’s OWN website that has been up since May 26th:

I think we have the jawdropper of the day, as the official web site of a candidate for president of the United States contains a blog posted by a follower of World Can’t Wait, linking to an article by the chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

And this is the official website MONITORED by his campaign!

Secondly, GatewayPundit gives a history lesson where Obama’s first speech was sponsored by, you guessed it (!), a marxist campus group founded by none other than Tom Hayden. You might remember him as a previous Mr. Jane Fonda.

In 1969 Hayden’s students for democracy group began imploding into factions. One of them, a group calling itself Weatherman, was elected to SDS leadership and proclaimed that the time had come to launch a race war on behalf of the Third World and against the United States.

[…] The new entity dissolved Hayden’s Students for a Democratic Society and formed a terrorist cult in its place, which was given the name Weather Underground.

Is it really surprising then that after his first public speech at Occidental College Barack Obama would just happen to find himself working several years with William Ayers, the founder of the terrorist cult Weather Underground, in Chicago?

At this rate, we’ll have completed the Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon in no time at all! But with bombs. The endorsements continue to roll in.

Oh yes, this is change, lots of change, but none that I want a part of!

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  1. Daniel said,

    June 23, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    Wow, glad I’m headed to Aruba after an absentee ballot. Don’t want to be around when one shoe or the other drops. Mean time, I lollygag at Thanks for the warning.


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