Well, That Didn’t Take Long

Obama’s Great and Grand Seal of All Things New has suddenly disappeared. Imagine that. Maybe the fact that some bloggers pointed out that it was illegal to use the governmental insignia for purposes not related to government business. You know, like election campaigns when you’re not the sitting President. Little things like that.

The AP says the world is spinning out of control (sorry – just the link, no longer quoting AP material). Maybe the world is really spinning with a laughter hang-over about the AP’s notion to charge bloggers for “quotations”. Hey AP, I own the word MORON. You owe ME money! But back to the article. Such doom and gloom, such emo goth angst, and it took TWO people to write it. TTTTOOOOOO. What a little pity party! James Pethokoukis notes

I dunno, maybe contributing to our low national morale are media that 1) compare a weak economy—although one that has yet to suffer even a single negative quarter—to the disastrous economies of the 1930s and 1970s; 2) forget to mention that the average person buying a home in, say, January 2000, is still sitting on a 66 percent gain; 3) ignore the economy’s sky-high productivity, which helps make it the most competitive in the world; 4) ignore a global economic boom that is pushing up gas prices but also raising hundreds of millions of people out of poverty; and 5) for the heck of it, perpetuate the myth that college is unaffordable.

[…]America’s “can-do” attitude? We are coming off a record year for initial public offerings. I mean, I could go on and on here. I don’t know anyone who is giving up, other than the AP.

Maybe we’ll get a two-fer, both Obama and the AP will the laughed off the stage.

Or better yet, put Fausta in charge over there at AP. You get more info in her weekly Festival of Latin America than a week full of whiny AP newspapers!

Capital idea, capital indeed.

UPDATE: TexasFred has the ultimate Obama Lie List.

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