Finally, The Chiman Rai Trial Begins

::: Bumped and Updated :::

Readers of this blog remember my post about Sparkle Reid Rai, the daughter of popular Atlanta news reporter Donna Lowry Reid, who was found murdered in 2000.

The trial begins Monday. Again, old wounds are opened for her parents. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The first day is complete. The AJC reports that DA Paul Howard is seeking the death penalty. Good.

Tuesday UPDATE: I wonder what kind of pressure the former husband was under, in order to retract what he told police previously. Really.

Wednesday a.m. UPDATE: More testimony. Ricky Rai goes soft on his parents. Also, he originally told his wife-to-be and future in-laws that his parents were dead. In reality, they had moved back to Atlanta to escape his family. No remorse from his father after learning of Sparkle’s death. Ricky has not seen their daughter since shortly after the murder. Cold Cold Cold.

Wednesday p.m. UPDATE: Calm, cool and collected. Yeah, that’s the way you talk to police right after you find your murdered wife’s body in your apartment.

Thursday a.m. UPDATE:It’s done. One of the accomplices rocked the baby while Sparkle was being killed.

Thursday p.m. UPDATE: Throw that baby away! Sick. Sick. Sick. More at WSBRadio.

Friday a.m. UPDATE: As they say, follow the money.

Friday p.m. UPDATE: Do witnesses even bother to swear to tell the truth anymore?

Monday UPDATE: Who’s the bigger liar? Also heard on the radio on the way home (can’t find a link yet here), Chiman’s cellmate testified on his deep hatred of blacks. The prosecution rests.

Tuesday UPDATE: The jury will begin deliberations hear closing arguments Wednesday morning.

Thursday UPDATE: Jury deliberations began yesterday afternoon. Now we wait…



  1. nacholibre said,

    June 25, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    I dunno how you are following this case, but I have no doubt Chiman Rai is the culprit.I know cos’ I ‘m Indian and I know the mentality.Hope he’s hanged.

  2. June 26, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    […] Murder or Honor Killing?; Finally, The Chiman Rai Trial Begins Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Finally, The Chiman Rai Trial […]

  3. punisu said,

    October 8, 2008 at 8:15 am

    Did anyone see the African American buisness owner who defended Ria? what a discusting drunk and drug addict. Although the gentleman who claims to have been hired by Ria is an idiot himself, the man in which i spoke of earlier is nothing short of trash.

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