The View from Pelosi’s Titanic Deck Chair

Remember the part from the movie Titanic, when the captain instructed the string quartet to play something “cheerful” while the panicked passengers loaded the lifeboats? SanFranNan is sitting in her deck chair, tapping her toes to the music, oblivious to the reality around her.

After eighteen months of a Democratically controlled Congress, let’s take a look at gas prices (chart from Gasbuddy, via Michelle Malkin).

My, my. Haughty Pelosi sniffs and asks if the lifeboats will be seated by class. Heaven forbid she would have to rub elbows with any dirty, greasy commoners. President Bush called her bluff, lifting the executive order prohibiting drilling off American shores and urging Congress to lift their ban as well. Then an amazing thing happened – oil prices dropped.

Enraged that the Evil Bush might get an upper hand, she lashes out, stamping her feet and yelling Hoax! Hoax! But the joke is on her.

In the meantime, while the world is distracted by the Magical Mystery Tour cavorting about across the pond, Nancy’s minions quietly float the idea of a gas tax increase. Classic taxation without representation, but with pixie dust!


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  1. July 25, 2008 at 10:44 am

    From ProJo: “Pelosi said she was ‘counting every minute of every hour of every day’ until President Bush leaves office.”

    Oh yea, Pelosi. That’s just the kind of stuff you want to say to reverse the trend of your Congress DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Flaming rhetoric does not a politician make! No wonder gas prices are spiraling out of control.

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