The Truth in Those Old Sayings

Remember those old sayings that you’d hear from your grandma? No amount of the then teenage eye-rolling can cancel out the bittersweet memories of their words, or the fact that they were right.

Many times, when you hear about a child gone bad, you’ll hear this as well, “Oh, bless their little hearts. They never had a chance – there were a product of their environment.” Children learn what they see more than what they hear. Is it any surprise that Obama can’t make up his mind or tell the truth about anything? So why does his opponent get all the bad press, when he’s only describing Obama in the glaring light of truth? If a Republican was running on this garbage, he’d be laughed off the stage. But why should we expect anything different? Just look at his family dynamics. How can he tell the truth if he’s never heard it before? Why is it he believes everything he says is “Only Words,” when those who worship him see them as promise and commitments? If he is elected, who will he be beholden to? His constituents, the American people, or his Muslim handlers? His Chicago handlers? His Trinity handlers?

Another old saying is “They will know you by the company you keep.” Evidently, the crowd running with and swirling around Obama are lacking the most basic mores. For example, Obama’s private prayer that was wedged into the Wailing Wall during his visit to Jerusalem, was REMOVED and PUBLISHED. (h/t The Anchoress) What a despicable invasion of privacy! What’s worse, is this web-site that “fisked” the prayer and is encouraging debate on its contents. How can a site call itself “faith-based” if they are nosing around in people’s prayer? How rude is that? Since when has the personal and intimate converation between a person and their Maker been the fodder for the media? Oh wait, my bad, I forgot, we’re talking about a Democrat here. To further illustrate the media’s infatuation with Obama, just consider how the media would have reacted if it had been Bush’s prayer. It goes without saying that he’d be ridiculed from sea to shining sea. Worse than what you see in the tabloids about some drunk rocker-wannabee falling off the wagon straight out of rehab. Whether it was a misguided news-hound or one of the worshiping minions – it was WAY out of line.

Not only do we not know who Obama is, or what he stands for, neither does his staff or I’d warrant even himself. And why should he? He’s got the media doing all the heavy lifting for him. That way, he can stay on track with the teleprompter.

UPDATE: Well, now there is a new wrinkle, and to be honest, I’m not surprised. Obama continues to amaze in the depths he will stoop to grovel for votes. The Anchoress laments…

Was the whole thing, after all, staged to gain the sympathy of the religiously inclined, who have been mistrustful of Obama? Am I a schmuck for choosing to believe the best of Obama and his campaign, and not the worst? Has cynicism really trumped everything? What is the truth of this story? Will we EVER know? Will the press EVER ask? Oy!

[…]If Obama abused the goodwill of those who wished to believe the best of him – and who decried the publication of his “private” prayer (and many believers did) – that will be pretty shabby, and needlessly cynical. So much for “change.”

Indeed. That shiny facade is beginning to crack.


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