One More Thought on Palin

Before I dash out of town, thought I’d mention this little nugget, since I haven’t seen/heard it yet.

If (When) McCain/Palin win, then Sarah Palin will be President of the Senate. Obama & Hillary will have to go back to their seats… and Palin will be there, IN CHARGE. Like their boss, in a way.


Where in the World

Out of pocket most of the weekend at (finally) the last pre-season soccer tournament. Hopefully I’ll float on my Palin-cloud all weekend and not let the usual things bother me – like bad refs, cheap shots, too much heat, smelly restrooms (if the venue has them at all), crowded restaurants, bugs, sunscreen that makes me itch… you get the picture.

I try (really I do) not to be a crank. As much as I love watching WonderBoy (aka the WeeHighlander, but not so Wee anymore) play soccer, I am easily distracted. His skills are amazing and I AM very proud of him. But someone in the Georgia Youth Soccer Association should use the brain God gave them and consult the UGA football schedule before assembling all these games all over the state.

This is THE year. And tomorrow is THE first game of the UGA season: Starting the season ranked #1, Larry in the booth, we get introduced to UGA VII…. ahh the collegiate pageantry I so love. Sitting in Sanford Stadium with 92,000 of my closet friends, hearing the Seven Notes and Krypton during pregame, cheering with the Rowdy Redcoats, smelling the bourbon on the breeze, making fun of the girls in high heels and wool jackets when it is 90 degrees in the shade, post-game songs in the stands… a Bulldawg Saturday is one of my favorite things on this earth.

And tomorrow I get to listen on the radio. I’m not being a crank, really I’m not.


I’m not.

Its Sarah Palin!!!!

Several large networks now confirmingMcCain’s VP pick is Alaska governor Sarah Palin! (h/t Fausta)

Outstanding. Brilliant move on the RNC’s part. Why?

Palin’s young, vibrant, ran against corruption. Her pro-life stance balances McCain’s slippery one. She’s got executive experience. As a mother of five, I’m sure she’s got time-management and negotiation skills out the wazoo. She has a baby born with a disability – and unlike many of her Democratic peers – that she choose to have and raise in a loving family. She’ll attract most, if not all, of the Hillary-Disenchantees. And it proves to American voters that the Republican party isn’t made up completely of stodgy old white men.

For the first time, in this election that will never end, I am thrilled.

Michelle has more….
The Anchoress – here, here and especially here
Erick at RedState

There will be more and more in the days to come!

Pray for Clayton County Schools

These bozos had 5 YEARS to clean up their act. Now it’s the children that suffer. Since when does a Board of Education need to worry itself about the students of their district? In Clayton, that’s business as usual. SACS revoked the system’s accreditation yesterday. As a proud alum of a once fine school system, I am appalled.

Low points of the whole sordid affair:

The commission cited Clayton’s dysfunctional school board as the school system’s main problem.

The governance issues hampered everything from teaching and learning to staffing and allocation of resources, accreditors said.

“It affected the entire school system,” said Mark A. Elgart, president and chief executive officer of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. “Today, the students’ education in this particular district is being compromised.”

The loss of accreditation means students could have trouble getting into some colleges and universities, or receiving scholarship money. Georgia’s public colleges have promised to accept Clayton students. Students who graduate before 2010 will still receive their HOPE scholarships, thanks to new legislation signed by Perdue this year.

Clayton can regain accreditation if it shows before Sept. 1, 2009, that all the nine mandates have been met.

If successful, accreditation would be restored, retroactive to Sept. 1, 2008. If it is not successful, the school system would have to start the accreditation process from the beginning, which likely would take about three years.

On Thursday, SACS said the school system had fulfilled only one mandate: to assure that every board member lives in the county.

“There’s positive intent in some cases, but there is no result in some cases,” Elgart said.

Accreditors were particularly concerned that the board surrendered its governing authority to Thompson, Elgart said. In April, the board signed a contract that allowed Thompson as the new superintendent to violate policies and circumvent the board.

“The current contract cedes authority to the superintendent,” Elgart said. “It not only violates standards for accreditation, but board policy and violates state law.”

The accreditation loss doesn’t just affect students, but every resident and business owner in Clayton.

Real estate agents have estimated the county has lost almost $550 million in housing equity since the school system was placed on probation in 2003.

Bread and Circuses

Obama’s speech was more of the same. More hope. More Change. More I Hate George Bush. Same song, verse 4,263,873. Instead of a speech like the one he gave in 2004 that attracted the attention of a nation, we got Super Bowl theatrics and more empty words. Did you know he hates George Bush?

I reached the Obama saturation point a long time ago. Last night, he missed his opportunity to be presidential – say the things a president would say. Again, he wasn’t up to the task at hand. Instead we got screens and screens and screens of his smug face and more empty words. Celebrities and adoring media. There’s a reason rock stars aren’t presidents. Obama, if I have to explain it to you, again, it’s not worth the time.

Commenter saveliberty at The Anchoress noted (emphasis mine):

Joseph, Gallup uses registered voters. Rasmussen uses likely voters. Rasmussen’s polling has shown itself to be the most accurate.

The Obama campaign is afraid of McCain’s ads, which is confusing, because day in and day out, the candidate slams McCain. What does he think he’s engaged in? Politics is not about the other person running away from charges which he or she believes to be false.

The ads that scare them the most deal with Stanley Kurtz’s investigative reporting of the Annenberg challenge.

It is really hard to explain away sitting in a church for 20 years that overtly and clearly preaches hate. It is also hard to explain away why he would become friendly with a man, who in 2001 stated that when he was a terrorist, he didn’t do enough? Sure, Obama wasn’t there when the bombings took place, but why be friendly?

The Democratic ticket is also in trouble because over 67% want offshore drilling. This is an issue that is getting traction.

And then goes on to ask the BIG question that Obama doesn’t want to answer, ever…

BTW Ayers and Dohrn also not only preached hate, but acted on it. Why was his career started in Bernadine Dohrn’s living room?

He can’t explain away his judgment without repudiating his campaign of hope and change.


Pray for Yaacov’s Son

(Via Fausta) David ben Yaacov, son of Yaacov ben Moshe is having surgery tomorrow for Neurofibromatosis. Yaacov, for those new to this little blog, is author of the fabulous Breath of the Beast blog and co-founder of Second Draft. He’s what Fausta calls “a friend I haven’t meet yet.”

A seriously ill child is a parent’s worst nightmare. I know. I’ve been there. I’m still there.

Pray God’s all loving protection for this precious boy and his family tomorrow and the weeks ahead as he heals.

The Ascension – News at Eleven

Tuesday, stuck on the couch with a stomach virus, I spent the day with one of my favorite pastimes. NO, not Sprite and crackers…. Old movies. It was Janet Leigh day on Turner Classic Movies. Lucky me, I caught one I’d not seen – The Red Danube. Made in 1949, it tells the story of the forced repatriation of Russian “citizens” back to the USSR. A very young Leigh, along with Walter Pidgeon, Ethel Barrymore (more nuns), a very young Peter Lawford and a very young Angela Lansbury weave a suspenseful tale of cat and mouse between the British and Soviets in post-war Vienna. It comes as a surprise to the Colonel (Pidgeon) that each person, as they are tracked down in the British zone, would rather commit suicide than return to their “motherland.” An excellent film and a pointed example of how today’s generation doesn’t understand the significance of WWII and the Cold War.

So with that movie rattling around in this brain, I ran across this article in City Journal remembering Alexander Solzhenitsyn (I told you I was behind. Work can be so inconvenient!). Solzhenitsyn understood the despair of communism – no “romance of the people” here.

Contrary to popular belief, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who died last week at 89, told the world nothing that it did not already know, or could not already have known, about the Soviet Union and the Communist system. Information about their true nature was available from the very first, including photographic evidence of massacre and famine. Bertrand Russell, no apologist of conservatism, spotted Lenin’s appalling inhumanity and its consequences for Russia and humanity as early as 1920. The problem was that this information was not believed; or if believed, it was explained away and rendered innocuous by various mental subterfuges, such as false comparison with others’ misdeeds, historical rationalizations, reference to the supposed grandeur of the social ideals behind the apparent horrors, and so forth. Anything other than admission of the obvious.

Solzhenitsyn’s achievement was to render such illusion about the Soviet Union impossible, even for its most die-hard defenders: he made illusion not merely stupid but wicked. With a mixture of literary talent, iron integrity, bravery, and determination of a kind very rarely encountered, he made it impossible to deny the world-historical scale of the Soviet evil. After Solzhenitsyn, not to recognize Soviet Communism for what it was and what it had always been was to join those who denied that the earth was round or who believed in abduction by aliens. Because of his clear-sightedness about Lenin’s true nature, it was no longer permissible for intellectuals who had been pro-Soviet to hide behind the myth that Stalin perverted the noble ideal that Lenin had started to put into practice. Lenin was, if such a thing be possible, more of a monster than Stalin, not so much inhumane as anti-human. Solzhenitsyn was always uncompromising—and, of course, quite right—on this point: no Lenin, no Stalin. Insofar as Solzhenitsyn finally destroyed the possibility in the West of intellectual sympathy for the Soviet Union (which inhibited the prosecution of the Cold War), he helped bring about the demise of the revolutionary, ideological state, and for that he will be remembered as long as history is written.

Maybe Solzhenitsyn should be required reading for certain presidential aspirants. Heh.

Fast-forward to today. Really today. While Obama’s temple is being built (pardon the videographer’s running commentary) and he’s putting the finishing touches on the Stairway to Heaven Speech Of All Time – rumbles abound even in his own party that perhaps, just perhaps, it’s a bit too much. But forget the Greek temple motif, this is Soviet imagery all the way. Nice model there, O-ster. As well it should it. Today we heard that these are the very same event stagers that Britney uses. We must release our inner celebrity! Must! MUST! MUST! I just hope he doesn’t have a wardrobe malfunction.

But in the midst of all this hoopla, will anyone remember that Obama said it himself – that he is too inexperienced to lead America?

Toga! Toga! Toga!

However, I could not help but shout “Toga! Toga! Toga!” when I read this news.

What’s wrong a tasteful background of red, white and blue? Old Glory? Slideshots of the Founding Fathers? Prior Presidents? Amber waves of grain? Purple mountian’s majesty?

But NOOOOOOOOO, he has to hoist himself up to Mount Olympus. The man’s arrogance knows no bounds.

UPDATE: absentee at Redstate has a new game to play – Where’s the Flag? See, I toldja so.

GatewayPundit thinks it resembles a Russian cathedral…Back in the US, back in the US, back in the USSR! And Joels Trumpet notes another, more sinister, similarity.

Obama’s Glass House

Michelle Malkin reports on Obama’s hissy-fit reaction to the Ayers ad being run by the American Issues Project.

[Michelle speaking] I cannot stress how outrageous the Obama campaign’s attempt to silence the creators of the Ayers ad is. Mr. Hope and Change is applying Chicago-style mafia tactics to intimidate those who want to alert the nation to Obama’s troubling ties to, and longtime relationship with, the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist. Obama’s lawyers and minions are playing hardball with TV stations that have dared to air the ad. They have the gall to champion campaign finance integrity — even as Obama has just admitted hiding payments to his Chicago cronies at ACORN. The Obama campaign can’t cite anything false or defamatory about the ad because it is accurate and truthful. This intimidation campaign is of a piece with the left-wing MoveOn effort to bully GOP donors.

Read it all. What.A.Piece.Of.Work. And remember THIS is the same man who wants to be POTUS.

BREAKING: Florida and Michigan votes restored!

Oh gleeful day!

In another bid to restore party unity, the Democratic National Committee voted unanimously Sunday to restore full convention voting rights to Florida and Michigan delegates.

The DNC will be Circus Maximus. Time to pop more popcorn!

Biden: The Jokes Will Write Themselves

Joe Biden? Really? Hilarity ensues…

Obama, he of the hidden Chicago thuggery politics, empty suit and padded resume…but marketing himself as the Grand Poobah of Change and the self-styled Savior of America, picks Joe Biden for his running mate? Joe Biden really sends a message of Change, there, Obamatrixypooh. Biden reeks of pol-i-tics-as-usual. Not to mention, he is known for talking and talking and talking; he just can’t shut up. And don’t forget about his self-proclaimed “my brain is bigger than yours” conceit. For the moment at least, McCain’s campaign to win just got easier. A lot easier.

Like I said, the jokes will write themselves. Keep the tissues handy. Your liberal Democrat friends will think it is because you’re sad; knowing your man has lost before the first vote is even cast. But you know it is because you’re LYAO 24/7.

Fausta has her usual great round-up, complete with donuts.

Cross-posted at RedState.

Energy Freedom Day

Fay, Fay, Come This Way

My yard begs for rain. Yearns for it. Pines for it. After earnestly watching the radar all day, we are heartened just a bit that the first squall lines of TS Fay are heading north out of South Georgia. Maybe we’ll get a drop or two out of this yet. Joan of Arggh is blogging the storm in her backyard.

Speaking of Georgia, our sister state, after reading this, I hope College Girl rethinks her audition list.

The joy of old cookbooks.

I just can’t make (delinked) this stuff up, ya-know.

Bumper sticker of the week.

I need a nap.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Time to break the political silence.

The unthinkable has occurred. Obama has achieved something that no one has been able to do before on this little blog. He has dethroned Cynthia McKinney. He had me at “above my pay grade.”

Lucky for me, I was blissfully out of town, in a baked-brain soccer frame of mind, during the Saddleback “forum.” Fausta has a thoughtful round-up, peppered with links from other bloggers who also see through Obama’s smoke and mirrors.

During his time with Rick Warren, Obama waffled and weaved and obfuscated. McCain answers were short and on point. So on target, in fact, Obama’s minions immediately called foul and claimed he cheated. Figures. Those without answers always wag their fingers at those who do and complain about how life is soooooo unfair.

Hiding behind things he probably doesn’t understand…

Like his mentor [John Kerry], Obama cites Scripture to bolster his socialist view of the world and make himself seem more “Christian.”

That election hot-button of abortion gave him some trouble,

With a straight face, Obama chastised others for not abiding by the precepts of Matthew 25, when he had a chance to do the same and failed. For example, instead of choosing to protect and care for the least of his brothers, the unborn, by supporting a bill that would protect those born alive after failed abortion attempts, he voted against the bill. (Obama can’t keep straight his reasons for voting against the bill. Also see Life Lies.)

Who among us is more vulnerable and needy than an infant, unborn or otherwise? Obama the “Christian” said he would not yield when it comes to a woman’s right to have her baby slaughtered.

The internets are unfair, too, in that its harder to hide facts about voting records. Then the day after the forum the campaign admits it knew of the “untruth.” Seems to me his entire campaign is steeped in untruth.

Why are so many people covering for this humorless man? Does he have dirty pictures on EVERYONE he meets? What exactly is he hiding?

Fausta is kinder and more gracious than I can ever be. Obama’s ego/media-induced halo is falling.

My Fifteen Minutes of College Fame

Paul Westerdawg at the GeorgiaSportsBlog has been counting down the days ’til kickoff. Once again the lives of the Bulldawg Nation will be complete, if just until New Year’s.

This morning, back at work and coming up for air after a long retreat combined with an out of town tournament, I’m catching up and what to my wondering eyes should appear but my own Fifteen Minutes of College Fame! The UGA Redcoat band show with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. I AM ON THAT FIELD. What an awesome day.

Go Dawgs!

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