The Radio Booth in the Sky

In keeping with the attempt at “no politics” during retreat, today we remember Skip Carey. Skip was the Braves announcer for as long as I can remember. He passed away at his home last Sunday, August 3rd. Yesterday there was a memorial at Christ The King, filled with memories and funny stories. He had such a dry sense of humor. It was an inside joke for all Georgians – Skip got at least a dozen calls during each pre-game show asking him to explain the infield fly rule. Today is a public memorial at Turner Field. (The green lot opens at 9am, the service begins at 10.)

The son of Harry Carey, Hall of Fame announcer for the Chicago Cubs, Skip followed in dad’s very large footsteps. Now Skip’s sons both announce for the Braves. Chip does play-by-play for the Big Braves, and Josh calls the games for the Rome Braves (Class A).

The AJC photos of the funeral is a who’s who of past and present Braves favorites.

Like Larry (beloved Voice of the Georgia Bulldawgs), he had a distinctive style that can never be replaced. Just listen … the Sid Bream slide for the NL championship in ’92 (I was pregnant with Wee Highlander at the time – all that jumping and screaming – he was nearly early!!) … Braves win the World Series in 1995 … there are dozens more. Mark Arum at WSB has a eight-part series of memories. Keep the Kleenex close by.

Sign up here to retire #17 in Skip’s memory.

Summer nights will never be the same.

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