Bread and Circuses

Obama’s speech was more of the same. More hope. More Change. More I Hate George Bush. Same song, verse 4,263,873. Instead of a speech like the one he gave in 2004 that attracted the attention of a nation, we got Super Bowl theatrics and more empty words. Did you know he hates George Bush?

I reached the Obama saturation point a long time ago. Last night, he missed his opportunity to be presidential – say the things a president would say. Again, he wasn’t up to the task at hand. Instead we got screens and screens and screens of his smug face and more empty words. Celebrities and adoring media. There’s a reason rock stars aren’t presidents. Obama, if I have to explain it to you, again, it’s not worth the time.

Commenter saveliberty at The Anchoress noted (emphasis mine):

Joseph, Gallup uses registered voters. Rasmussen uses likely voters. Rasmussen’s polling has shown itself to be the most accurate.

The Obama campaign is afraid of McCain’s ads, which is confusing, because day in and day out, the candidate slams McCain. What does he think he’s engaged in? Politics is not about the other person running away from charges which he or she believes to be false.

The ads that scare them the most deal with Stanley Kurtz’s investigative reporting of the Annenberg challenge.

It is really hard to explain away sitting in a church for 20 years that overtly and clearly preaches hate. It is also hard to explain away why he would become friendly with a man, who in 2001 stated that when he was a terrorist, he didn’t do enough? Sure, Obama wasn’t there when the bombings took place, but why be friendly?

The Democratic ticket is also in trouble because over 67% want offshore drilling. This is an issue that is getting traction.

And then goes on to ask the BIG question that Obama doesn’t want to answer, ever…

BTW Ayers and Dohrn also not only preached hate, but acted on it. Why was his career started in Bernadine Dohrn’s living room?

He can’t explain away his judgment without repudiating his campaign of hope and change.



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