McCain’s Speech

Lots of folks weighing in on The Speech. It was long, to be sure, but the last 5 minutes or so are electric. In fact, if weren’t for the mics, you probably couldn’t have heard the last 2 minutes because of the cheering from the crowd!

Belmont Club has an interesting interpretation of Palin’s and McCain’s speeches during the RNC. By running them through “word cloud” software – the most frequently used words are noted by larger fonts. You know how it works. Go take a peek.

Jumping off Wretchard’s dock, I decided to put Obama’s DNC acceptance speech through the same process. Here’s the result:

“Promise” is obviously the most frequently used word in Obama’s speech, compared with McCain’s, which was “country.”

Funny, I would have thought the most prevalent word would have been “ME.”

The best phrase, in my opinion was –

I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else’s. I loved it not just for the many comforts of life here. I loved it for its decency; for its faith in the wisdom, justice and goodness of its people. I loved it because it was not just a place, but an idea, a cause worth fighting for. I was never the same again. I wasn’t my own man anymore. I was my country’s.

The difference between the two men couldn’t be any different when it comes to their perspectives. Obama looks at himself, while McCain looks outward.

I especially like how both McCain and Palin both emphasized they are servants of the American people, not vice-versa.

It’s going to be an interesting 60 days!

UPDATE: Speaking of “Promise,” whatever happened to the Obama campaign manager’s promise of returning McCain’s kindness of congratulations on Obama’s nomination?



  1. Tilly said,

    September 5, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Yes! Yes! McCain/Palin 08!

  2. Dan said,

    September 6, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Why does McCain’s war record and misfortune of having been a POW make him a better candidate for president? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’s wise to make a decision about our next president based on what word they say the most in a speech that written by a team of speech writers who’s names we will never know. (that goes for both campaigns). Surely, you don’t think McCain wrote his speech…Surely you don’t think Palin wrote her’s. Perhaps you should stop watching speeches and start looking into the facts about the candidate you’re supporting…especially Palin, who’s own state senate president decided not to run for re-election out of a distaste for her own governor who she describes as being bossy. (The type of politician who would take it personally if disagreed with).

    Maybe before you take her advocacy for special needs families seriously, you should look into the fact that as governor, she decreased the budget for aid to special needs families from 8 million dollars to 3 million. Not until she had a personal stake (having a baby with Down’s Syndrome did she become an “advocate.”

    These are facts that i think we should all know.

  3. sandiegodan said,

    September 14, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    Subject: lipstick, pigs, kultur
    A Washington Post editorial on Thursday put it well: “On a day when the Congressional Budget Office warned of looming deficits and a grim economic outlook, when the stock market faltered even in the wake of the government’s rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, when President Bush discussed the road ahead in Iraq and Afghanistan, on what did the campaign of Senator John McCain spend its energy? A conference call to denounce Senator Barack Obama for using the phrase ‘lipstick on a pig’ and a new television ad accusing the Democrat of wanting to teach kindergartners about sex before they learn to read.”

    Now that Rove has, astonishingly, admitted that McCain has lost his judgment, how can any rational person continue to support this sad lost duo? Here’s what Rove said:

    “McCain has gone in his ads one step too far, and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the 100-percent-truth test,” said Rove. “Both campaigns ought to be careful about… there ought to be an adult who says: ‘Do we really need to go that far in this ad? Don’t we make our point and get broader acceptance and deny the opposition an opportunity to attack us if we don’t include that one little last tweak in the ad?'”

    Get it? Even the architect of right wing hate, and inheritor of Lee Atwater dirty tricks, is now on record as saying McCain has lost his marbles!

    Nuff said.

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