Remember the Fallen

Two days in my adult life have altered me forever, in ways that do not conjure pleasant memories. Seven years ago today and two years ago on February 21. Images that are burned into my brain, memories that more often than not cause nightmares. Still.

The Anchoress is remembering this day seven years ago.

Michelle has a great round up links.

Gerard remembers The Day as well. He was across the river. He saw the first tower fall. He remembers the fine ash that swirled and then settled on everything. In another post on 9/11 (that I now cannot find) and the long days after, he notes the the subtle sparkle of the rain and the little rivulets that trickle down the streets. That shimmer is light on ash – the ashes of those who perished that awful day.

Many have refuted the claim that 9/11 is now a part of the American psyche. I disagree, and disagree strongly…because it is part of mine.

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