Buyer’s Remorse, Caught in the Headlights and Biden’s History Lesson

Those much smarter than me are blogging on the financial crisis. Like an onion, there are so many layers upon layers of greed, narcissism and incompetency…I have no idea where to even start.

So on to a couple of other big, fat DUHs.

Now what is it that the consumer reporters always preach about on the radio when you’ve gotten some bad customer no-service from a business? They say vote with your feet – you take your business elsewhere. You tell you friends what a stinkbomb that business is in their dealings with customers. And you hope they either learn their lesson or go out of business. (A lot of that is free market thinking, something that gives the neighborhood Democrats a rash.) So imagine the whining and gnashing of teeth when McCain/Palin decide to vote with their feet with the lying, sniveling, Obama-boot-lickin’ media. In some ways, this could backfire on them, giving the impression she is purposely avoiding the media because she is afraid/unable to answer questions. But I don’t think that is the case here. I honestly believe their actions are reinforcing to an increasingly suspicious public that the media can no longer be trusted in the run-up to the election. The multiple smears against Gov. Palin (where do I even begin?), the “astroturfing” of lies by Obama operatives, the lies on top of lies on top of even more lies. Yep, vote with your feet. Turn off the networks and cable news outlets. Decide for yourself.

It is becoming more obvious every day that Obama was really just sticking his toe in the water (h/t The Anchoress) for 2012 and things spun out of his control.

By the end of that grueling campaign season, a lot of us had got the idea that Dukakis actually wanted to lose—or was at the very least scared of winning. Why do I sometimes get the same idea about Obama? To put it a touch more precisely, what I suspect in his case is that he had no idea of winning this time around. He was running in Iowa and New Hampshire to seed the ground for 2012, not 2008, and then the enthusiasm of his supporters (and the weird coincidence of a strong John Edwards showing in Iowa) put him at the front of the pack. Yet, having suddenly got the leadership position, he hadn’t the faintest idea what to do with it or what to do about it.

Look at the record, and at Obama’s replies to essential and pressing questions. The surge in Iraq? I’ll answer that only if you insist. The credit crunch? Please may I be photographed with Bill Clinton’s economic team? Georgia? After you, please, Sen. McCain. A vice-presidential nominee? What about a guy who, despite his various qualities, is picked because he has almost no enemies among Democratic interest groups?

So there he is – stuck like a deer in the headlights. Unable to make up his mind which way to run.

Now on to Ol’ Joe. Seems Senator Biden lived in some alternate universe where FDR was President in 1929 and he described in televised national addresses (no less) the events leading to the Great Depression. Ahem – 30 seconds in Wikipedia will result in the following:

1. In 1929, FDR was Governor of New York. He didn’t take office as President until 1933.
2. In 1929, Herbert Hoover was POTUS.
3. While television was invented prior to 1929, the images were rudimentary at best until the mid 1930’s. It was a purely scientific medium for many years. The first public television station in Pennsylvania (Biden’s birthplace) wasn’t instituted until 1941, and even then few homes had a television set.
4. FDR didn’t “explain away” the crash of 1929. In fact, through his policies, the federal government grew even larger.

Please, somebody, get that man some duct tape!

At least we’ll always have such mental giants to look up to, since they will never come down from their self-erected pedestals. And we can always use our Get Out of Racism Free Card when we whisper that we don’t think HE is ready.


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  1. Jay said,

    September 24, 2008 at 3:07 am

    I wonder what would have happened if Palin had given us such a poor history lesson. The press would have devoured her. Biden has been known to be a little fast and loose with his talk and it appears this isn’t going to be any different this time around. However, we are voting for President. Obama has nothing to offer the people because he has no record , no experience and no accomplishments. As Hillary put it, he has a speech. Even now that speech is inoperative because he spent most of his time attacking Hillary for her vote on Iraq. He can’t do that anymore because he picked Biden as his vp. and he voted the way Hillary did. McCain is probably the only candidate ready to be President. He is certainly prepared for the job. We just can’t take a chance on Obama. He needs about another ten years of seasoning.

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