Man Enough. Dawg Enough. Bring it on!

Tomorrow, for those living on another planet or in Washington DC, is a clash of titans. Blackout Saturday in Athens – UGA vs Alabama. Pat “Where’s My Pants?” Dye and his utter insult years ago ratcheted up the uber-rhetoric of this always monumental game. Then, to add hilarity to insult, this week one of the Bama coaches decides to start dispensing fashion advice. Then we all got a glimpse of the Evil Richt we love.

“Round the bowl, down the hole, Roll – Tide – Roll!”

As Get The Picture notes…

Speaking of home field advantage, it seems to me that the intangibles favor Georgia in a big way for this game. All the pooh-pooing that we’ve seen from ‘Bama bloggers with regard to the Blackout misses one essential point: sure, the jersey color won’t make much difference to the kids on the field once they line up and start knocking heads, but if the Auburn game from last year is any indication, it definitely electrifies the crowd. And that’s a plus for Georgia in two ways. First, the players will feed off of that energy and second, it will interfere at some point in time with ‘Bama’s ability to call plays and signals. Which is why the biggest key for Alabama in this game is to get out to an early lead in order to take the crowd out of the game. Oh, and another thing about those intangibles? This certainly can’t hurt.

Speaking of electrifying, this is just one of the many highlights of a UGA game day with over 92K of your personal BFF’s

Indeed. If that doesn’t raise the hair on the back of your neck, you either don’t bleed red and black or you’re some kind of walking-dead-zombie-politician-man-scary-thing.

Athens has no gasoline to speak of, but nobody cares. If you’re gonna get stranded, why not get stranded in the Holy Land?

Go Dawgs!

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