Joe, There You Go Again

Gov. Sarah Palin, VP Debate, 10/2/08:

“Say it ain’t so, Joe, there you go again pointing backward,” Palin said at one point. “Now, doggone it, let’s look ahead and tell Americans what we have to plan to do for them in the future.”

Let’s do that – what a great idea. And novel, too, in this election cycle. To actually look to the FUTURE and outline WHAT you’re GOING TO DO, instead of blaming everybody and Adam’s housecat for getting America in this mess.

Biden turned me off immediately, when in his first answer he straightaway blamed “eight years of failed policies.” For the millioneth time – it was Democrats, not GWB, that screwed up the economy. Blah, blah, blah. Democratic talking points, just sent me a memo.

To me, for both candidates, they seemed to rush their words and skip around during each turn. So I concentrated on their demeanor and their body language. Biden seemed shifty – he made little to no eye contact with the camera. He would at least look at Palin, sometimes flashing that big, creepy, used-car-salesman grin of his. And he did look at Gwen Ifill and the audience a bit. Overall, he looked stiff and ill-at-ease. But Palin, wow, she worked the room. Eye contact with the camera, Biden, the audience, AND even Ifill (who couldn’t seem to drop her Greek Mask of thinly-disguised smiles for Biden and thinly-disguised scowls for Palin). Gesturing to make her point. Smiles, lots of smiles. [UPDATE: Michelle Malkin notes the media attacks Sarah for doing exactly what Obama does.]

I heard several blantant mis-truths from Biden, but I’m not as quick on the uptake as Ace. There were 14. [UPDATE: Fausta says the lie count is now up to 23.]

Palin christened Biden as “O’Biden”, which in my book is forgivable. Who doesn’t mess up someone’s name sometimes? At the most inopportune moments, no less. She skipped some questions, redirecting back to whatever point she wanted to get across. Good strategy on her part, considering the questions in general were skewed more toward Democratic policies.

Interesting, too, is that Ifill didn’t ask one question about energy (Palin’s strong suit), abortion or guns. Ace thinks it is Ifill’s bias (and dreams of sugarplums dancing in her head) showing through.

This is bias of one kind or another. Part of it is dyed-in-the-wool liberals simply being unable to even consider the idea that questions the stupid, moronic public consider interesting might indeed be interesting.

And part of it is Ifill refusing to toss Palin a question which she’d destroy Biden on.

Either way, it’s bias. Drilling here, drilling now is one of the top five issues this cycle. And yet Gwen Ifill just didn’t seem to think it was worth discussing.

It’s almost as if she didn’t want it to come up or something. It’s almost as if she didn’t want to play to Palin’s acknowledged strength.

The Anchoress is collecting a great round-up. Be sure to check them all out. Especially Althouse. And vote in Insty’s poll – Do you think the evil Democrats are purposefully trying to tank the economy? Bwwahh-hah-hah-hah-hah!

Fausta is becoming the queen of creepy Obama vids. And channels, too.

Gateway Pundit made the debate after-rally and has some gorgeous pictures of the Governor, the hunky First Dude, a rockin’ crowd, some pouty press corps and an EMPTY Obama campaign office. I just love that first picture, with Sarah down next to 8 year old Emma. You can tell she relates to kids and families. There’s even a picture of little Piper signing autographs with a PINK pen. What a doll!

After a heady night, the poison will flow faster and deeper. Much deeper. The media hates Sarah Palin with a heart-stopping, blinding passion. So vote Republican – a vote for McCain/Palin is a vote against the MSM.

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