Just Another Corrupt Democrat

Surprise! Victor Hill, the defeated ex-sheriff of Clayton County, loses a lawsuit filed against him for false arrest and malicious prosecution. Must be the last judge left on the planet not on the Democrat’s payroll.

Mark Tuggle was arrested in January 2005 after calling and leaving angry messages for Hill following the sheriff’s firing of 27 employees. Tuggle, who was jailed 30 hours, sued for false arrest and malicious prosecution.

The jury awarded Tuggle $250,000 in compensatory damages and $225,000 in punitive damages. U.S. District Court Judge Orinda Evans will decide how much in attorneys’ fees and expenses will be paid Tuggle’s lawyers.

“Dissent is the hallmark of a free society,” said Tuggle’s lawyer, Bill Atkins. “You’re not very free if you’re not free to voice your dissent without fear of going jail. That’s what this case was about. This jury spoke the truth to Victor Hill.”

Since his defeat in the primary, Hill has also been scarce around the Clayton County Courthouse, so scarce in fact, that the Governor has opened an investigation into his abandonment of office. The County Commissioners discussed his absence at this month’s Commissioner’s meeting on 9/4/08 (skip to page 4).

In yet another stain on Clayton County, now there’s a fight as to WHO pays the almost half-million dollar judgment.

When Hill succeeded Stanley Tuggle in January 2005, he fired 27 deputies the first day. Those workers were reinstated within days but sued Hill for wrongful termination. That suit was settled last summer for about $7 million.

Bell said the settlement exhausted the county’s insurance coverage.

“The taxpayers have suffered extensively, given these 2005 activities that were created by the sheriff,” Bell said. “We are totally out of insurance money. All monies paid out in this case will have to come from the general fund. We’re going to search very carefully to see where and how to protect our taxpayers.”

Hill’s term ends Dec. 31, but there are several federal lawsuits still pending against him.

Let’s see…. he ruined the county’s reputation, tanked property values, allowed crime to increase, looted accounts, put snipers on the roof, ordered illegal terminations, attempted hostile take-overs, held inmates double hostage – for paperwork, barred the press from public meetings, allowed 17000+ unserved warrants to pile up… had enough yet? What a clown.

Next thing you know, he’ll be running for Congress. He’ll fit right in.

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