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In the year 2525…

News flash! Archeologists have uncovered an important artifact at the historical dig in the former North American area of Oceania known as Obamaland. Prior to the American election of 2008, Obamaland was a large urban area called Chicago and is believed to be the birthplace of The Megassiah, forebearer of our Most Beloved Leader. According to some accounts there were approximately 10 million people living within the city structure and surrounding areas at the time of the Great Scorch of 2011.

The northeast section of the archeological project has yielded numerous curious items and artifacts, most being dated to the early 21st century. However, one section in particular operated under a shroud of secrecy. Today, Abdul al-O’Biden, project chief and distant relation to The Megassiah’s Number One, unveiled a diagram of the site and announced that the digging team had discovered what is to be believed to be the structure used as campaign headquarters during The Megassiah’s Triumphant Campaign to be King of the World.

Holy Relic

Holy Relic

The Artifact (pictured at right) is a mystery. Scientists who have examined the device believe it was used to generate the random names and words listed in The Holy Book of Those Who Gave. These benevolent beings enabled The Megassiah to amass great wealth by avoiding archaic election registration/contribution laws (subsequently repealed in 2009). Such laws were passed by the prehistoric evil men who opposed the ideas of our now Beloved Government. After further testing, the artifact will reside at The Shrine of Saint William, The Ayers, for public viewing.

This project is funded by the sacred monies earned from The Megassiah’s Eternal Campaign account.



  1. Jillian said,

    October 10, 2008 at 1:02 pm



  2. David said,

    October 10, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    I want a decoder ring too! Maybe I could raise 200 million!!


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