Panic on the Titanic

David Rasbold at RedState relays a VEERRRYYY interesting conversation between his boss and an Obama pollster…this week.

The Obama camp KNOWS the lying media and the lying polls are not doing enough to bolster his chances and negate the “Palin factor.”

Keep up the fight! It’s always darkest before the dawn!

Lie, Big Lie, Big Fat Lie, Lies, Lies and More Lies

Never before has a man with so little experience or personal integrity gotten so close to the highest job in America.

These polls are useless. Only pick truant middle-schoolers at the mall, wearing Hope/Change shirts, 14 bracelets, goth eyeliner, carrying daddy’s credit maxed out credit card. Oh, and one middle-aged white man. There. The perfect election issue respondent pool.

So, like Ok, let’s see…. first let’s tell a whopper, because the media will gobble it up and not fact check one iota of it. Trying to smear Cindy McCain (because, after all, no one dare malign Her High Holiness) over cell coverage near the McCain home, James Grimaldi of the Washington Post gets egg on his face. It wasn’t Cindy, stupid, it was the Secret Service. They wanted better cellular coverage (moron) near the people they are assigned to protect (moron) because that is their JOB (moron). And by the way, they’d like to talk to you….

Well,you know what they always say… if you WANT to be President, you should act Presidential. That includes mucking about in foreign affairs. Look Ma, no hands! [Emphasis admin]

While Iraqi and American negotiators and decision makers are doing what they can to finalize the agreement and reach a compromise on disputed issues, we find that everyone outside the negotiations is trying to put the stick in the wheel. But those are mostly parties that don’t want any good for Iraq and consider America a malicious intruder at best and a blood enemy at worst. What I find surprising is that someone from America is trying to obstruct the treaty. Believe it or not, there’s actually a guy who has no executive authority whatsoever — except in opinion polls — who is trying to bypass the actual top diplomats of the United States and undermine their negotiation efforts with a friendly state, at a time of war.

I was hoping that presidential candidates would not put their electoral objectives above those of their nation. Alas, blinding greed and selfishness seem to prevail sometimes.

I don’t dare suggest that Obama wanted to obstruct the treaty because it threatens Iran and other despots in the Middle East; I’m sure his purpose is different. The thing is that his purpose is also different from that of the U.S. or of Iraq — two friendly states looking forward to building long-lasting cooperation based on shared interests and mutual respect. We want victory in the war; Obama wants victory in elections — this is the problem. I’m not sure how or if people here think the treaty might affect the presidential race, but in Iraq and the Middle East people think that signing the treaty before elections would be regarded as a victory for Republicans that could propel McCain to the White House. Again Iran and many in the Middle East don’t want McCain to be in the White House. I guess that’s one thing they have in common with Obama.

Again, can anyone spell Logan? Logan? Bueller? Bueller?

Presumptive victors pick out Oval Office drapes, plan parties…but the thought still nags. Is there just one more lie I could have told to close the deal? What if….the unthinkable happens? What lie should I have ready?

Right now, a typesetter is laying down the words Dewey Wins!

A “Regular Citizen” speaks up and the left-leaning media head spins 360. MustDestroyPlumberJoeMustDestroyPlumberJoeMustDestroyPlumberJoe

Those words are what matters. It does not matter whether Obama said them to Joe the Plumber or Booby McBoobadoob. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by the media swarm/feed. Stay focused on Obama’s words. THOSE are what matters.

Distract us, he does, said he did…SHARE – THE – WEALTH.

Just think “Looters”… “Moochers”…

The unhinged media now considers Joe W. fair game and are aiming with both barrels. Especially since they don’t have ANY TIME at all to check out Obama’s ties to ACORN, or Rev. Wright, or William Ayers, or Li’l Cuz Odinga, or Chicago thuggery. Wasilla tanning beds and pregnant teens are soooooo much more important.

Debate Twofer.

In presidential debates (and campaigns), candidates usually try to put their policies and records in the best possible light. The spin usually focuses on the positive aspects of these points to the point of hedging the entire truth, but flat-out lies are pretty rare. Last night, Barack Obama treated us to two of them, and not surprisingly, on the two most controversial points of his record. end box

Hiding behind more smirky smirks, he lied about the lies he thought he knew but had told so many times he can’t remember which lie cancels out which other lie.

box Unfortunately for Obama, those are the facts, both about Ayers and ACORN. Obama paid ACORN over $800,000 this summer for GOTV efforts, which Obama now denies, although he did finally admit that he represented ACORN as an attorney in a lending-practices case. Obama did launch his career at a party hosted by Ayers, which is such a matter of public record that I’m frankly surprised he bothered to deny it.

The next big lie came during the debate on abortion. McCain pointed out Obama’s radical positions on the issue, including his repeated opposition to the Illinois version of the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. Obama responded with a series of lies…

Even his campaigners lie. And steal, too.

The Anchoress believes we are at the cusp of a new era and a decline of our civilization is at hand. For once, I hope she is wrong.

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