Operation Love from Home Christmas Card Project

Operation Love from Home, a local Georgia organization, is in the midst of their Christmas Card campaign and could really use the help of the blogosphere! They have a very ambitious goal this year of 50,000 cards to our troops!

You can click here to send e-cards or send handwritten cards to this address:

Operation Love From Home
P.O. Box 1660
Loganville, GA 30052

Longtime readers will remember this post detailing where I heard first of Kathy Orr and her organization. Through the word of the internetz, they meet their Independence Day goal of 5000 cards! So it’s time to do it again.

Make a difference for a soldier far away from home protecting our most precious natural resource – liberty.

Early Voting in Georgia, So Far

Via PeachPundit.

12% so far. That’s more turnout, with 13 days to go, than many earlier elections. Stay tuned…

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