Quite the Little Despot

The Anchoress has the most interesting readers. One, from Pennsylvania (the home of bitter-gun-clinging-redneck-bible-thumpers), emails over his discomfort with the coming Ascension:

Dear Anchoress:

An observation about Barack Obama that bothers me enough to write somebody an email.

Barack Obama said during the first debate that he would sit down and talk to Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism, without preconditions because he did not believe in the notion that by not talking to people we are somehow punishing them.

Then when a Florida TV reporter asks his VP candidate, Sen. Biden, some questions he didn’t like, their campaign cuts them off and refuses to talk to them or grant any further interviews.

So, Barack Obama is willing to sit down and talk with the regime that gave the order for the bombing of our Marine Barracks in Beirut but not willing to talk to an American TV station because of a few tough questions.

Politicians all make contradictory statements; it’s almost impossible not to considering all the speeches they make. But this is different. This is a case of actions speaking louder than words. His cutting off of that Florida station is a preview of how he will act as President. Will he be this vindictive towards all Americans who don’t agree with him or his administration? Cutting off that station but still being willing to talk to a terror sponsoring regime also reveals a certain naiveté, or worse, an unacceptable level of moral relativism.

This, combined with his going back on his word about public campaign financing, I think, are a true measure of his character.
[All links and italics mine – The Anchoress]

She passed it on, and so should you. The difference of exactly who warrants the receipt of Obama’s Words From On High is frightening. Again, The Anchoress:

He’s the guy who spends over half a billion dollars to win an election because he could not keep his word about public funding. He wants to ’share the wealth’ and he wants to talk about ‘fairness’ – but he doesn’t have any moral qualms about outspending his opponent by $518 million, thanks to a dishonorable flip-flop which – it must be said – his GOP opponent did not copy.

He’s a guy who spends half a billion dollars on electioneering while talking about how to help the poor and the downtrodden. Note – he does not share his wealth. Someday he’ll drive past those downtrodden and give them a thumbs up for keeping it real, as they stand in their lines full of “shared” discomfort.

[…] He’s quite the little despot, ain’t he? I thought he – like Bill Clinton – would be too tall to be a despot, but he’s belying that old canard.

//spotted.augusta.com/chronicle/display.html?collection=14378&gallery=28124&page=1&photo=624121">Rick McKee</a>, Augusta Chronicle (h/t Obi)

(Cartoon by Rick McKee, Augusta Chronicle (h/t Obi))

The entire world wants Obama to win. Even the terrorists want him to win. Word on the street is that bin Laden will crawl out of his cave sometime in the next few days and endorse His Boy.

In the meantime, HRH posts on Daily Kos that kitman is alright by him. America – wake up!

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  1. October 30, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    […] And then there’s this Rich McKee cartoon, which definitely belongs in everyone’s “why didn’t I think of that?” department….(h/t Obi’s Sister) […]


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