Get Used To It

So get this – I go out for lunch today, alone. I head over to my favorite taco joint. As I walk in the door, I think “Good. There’s one seat left at the counter.” Since my mama raised me right, very politely I ask if the seat is taken. The blonde to the right, says “Yes, I’m waiting for my friend that’s parking the car.”

Ok. The line is now too long. I don’t want to sit at a table by myself. So I decide to order to go. In the meantime, one of the waiters goes over to the woman and says she can’t save seats. She gives him the same story.

The parking lot is half full. Where did her friend park – Turner Field? So the waiter comes over to me and says she admitted (after some serious prodding) that she wasn’t saving the seat for anyone and that I could sit there. I told him I’d already ordered to go.

While I was waiting, mulling over the many ways I wished her harm, he came back over and we struck up a conversation. In a way, he tried to take up for her, because in his eyes she still is a customer. Albeit a bad, snotty one. And probably a lousy tipper to boot. But one thing he said to me rings true of this election and what days may await our nation. (paraphrased, of course)

“She didn’t realize she was being selfish.”

Really? A grown woman, acting like she’s in a high school cafeteria? No, YOU can’t sit there. Beside ME. You’re not cute enough, you’re not thin enough, you’re too short, I don’t like your clothes, I don’t like your shoes, I don’t like your purse, I don’t like your hair, you look like a conservative, you smell like a christian, how dare you approach me.

Shades of Miss Astor.

Again, really? A grown woman, sitting in one of the busiest Atlanta lunch spots, hogging a stupid bar stool? Seats there are primo real estate – lunchtime gold – for the 30 odd minutes you get to occupy one before the wait staff nudges you out the door. After all, the line is 50 people deep by 11:45. Is she from Mars? Or worse, Florida?

I thought about his comment all the way back to the office. After Tuesday, if Obama is elected, the nation’s leading entitlement-minded, truth-challenged, lacking-moral-fiber narcissists and their band of merry thieves will be running the show.

So no tacos for you!

God Help Us All.

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