Every Advent I follow this devotional and encourage you to do the same. I don’t remember how or when I ran across it – more than likely an email from a friend – but it has been a part of my personal Advent studies every year.

I was engaged during Advent.

The Anchoress has a lovely Advent message and it looks like it will be multi-parted, so check back each day. In true Charlie Brown fashion, many ask her, “What’s the point of Advent?”

Without Advent – without the putting up of purple in the midst of all the red and green in the tiring rush between Thanksgiving and the New Year – we might forget to mark this time, make straight this path, and ponder what transpired in a lonely cave in Bethlehem, 2000 years ago; what it meant then, and what it still means for all of us, today.

Because it is monumental, this Coming – it is the Coming of Love in a way never before (or since) encountered.

I think of Mary, after a long and tiring journey, now a frightened new mother far away from home. The juxtaposition of the shepherds and wise men. The cruelness of the world they lived in.

And the baby. Babies always bring hope for a new beginning. This Baby brought hope for all mankind.

“This Baby”, by Steven Curtis Chapman:

Well He cried when He was hungry
Did all the things that babies do
He rocked and He napped on His mother’s lap
And He wiggled and giggled and cooed
There were the cheers when He took His first step
And the tears when He got His first teeth
Almost everything about this little baby
Seemed as natural as it could be

But this baby made the angels sing
And this baby made new star shine in the sky
This baby had come to change the world
This baby was God’s own son
This baby was like no other one
This baby was God with us
This baby was Jesus

And this baby grew into a young boy
He learned to read and write and wrestle with Dad
There was the climbin’ of trees and scrapin’ of knees
And all the fun that a boy’s born to have
He grew taller and some things started changing
Like His complexion and the sound of His voice
There was the work to be done as a carpenter’s son
And all the neighbors said He’s such a fine boy

But this boy made the angels sing
And this boy made a new star shine in the sky
This boy had come to change the world
This boy was God’s own son
This boy was like no other one
This boy was God with us
This boy became a man

Love made Him laugh
Death made Him cry
WIth the life that He lived
And the death that He died
He showed us heaven with His hands and His heart
‘Cause this man was God’s own son
This man was like no other one
Holy and human right from the start

This baby made the angels sing
And this baby made a new star shine in the sky
This baby had come to change the world
This baby was God’s own son
This baby was like no other one
This baby was God with us
This baby
This baby was Jesus

Oh No! Rain!

Oh No! We woke up this morning to RAIN pattering on the roof. The forecast is rain for the entire day.

With the UGA/GT kickoff around noon, the state’s annual apocalyptic rivalry will turn into an episode from the Keystone Kops. Just watch. It will be hilarious.

Good thing the game is in Athens, where the boys will play in real mud. If the game was at GT, they’d be playing on wet, slick, carpeted concrete.

Go Dawgs!

Give Thanks

Over the river and through the woods, to Obi’s house we go…

Turkey Day is finally here. For most of America, it is a day to overeat like tomorrow will never come and watch dozens of football games. Parades, floats, flying clown balloons. Since schools no longer teach the meaning of Thanksgiving, here’s the 101.

Thanksgiving is one of two true American holidays. Independence Day is the other. While there is some academic contention as to where and when the first Thanksgiving occurred, it is generally accepted that the celebration occurred in the Plymouth colony in the fall. The settlers ate a meal with the Native Americans who helped them avoid starvation the previous winter. Gratitude for simple survival.

The Anchoress:

I thank my God for all good things, and even for the things and circumstances that do not always immediately seem to fall into the category of “good.” I trust. I hope. I believe. I thank.

Rick Moran:

This Thanksgiving finds us all a little worried, a little distracted by what is going on in our country and the world. We fret about the future. Our concern extends to our children and we wonder what kind of America they will grow up in. We’re concerned about our jobs, or our businesses, or our pension and savings.

What is there to be thankful for? For most of us, it must be the blessings and joys that being part of a family brings us and how that connection sustains us, warms us, and embraces us so that the world’s troubles are kept at bay. As long as we have each other, the storms outside of our little familial cocoon can’t really wash away anything we can’t afford to lose.

All the wealth in the world can’t buy what you will have in front of you at the Thanksgiving table today. All the security that could be granted by all the armies in the world won’t make you any safer than you will be today in the warm embrace of those whose love is given unconditionally and without artifice.

Perhaps when things are blackest, a reminder of where the light is shining brightly will bring us peace and allow us to recall why we were placed on this earth and what makes life the joyous adventure it is.

Gerard leaves us with a Pilgrim Hymn that reminds me of another song of gratitute.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah Palin in Georgia on Monday

Sarah Palin will be in Georgia this coming Monday, December 1st, to campaign for Saxby Chambliss!

Governor Palin will join Saxby for four public rallies across the state on Monday, December 1st: 8:30 am in Augusta; 11:00 am in Savannah; 1:30 pm in Perry; and 4:00 pm in north metro Atlanta. More specific details on exact locations and how to obtain tickets will be available later this week.

Prayers for Debutuant

Pray for Debutuant and her family! It appears her leukemia has returned and she is in MD Anderson in Houston, hooked up to all sorts of chemo.

I cyber-met Debutuant through the Fabulous Manolo a few years back and have followed her story ever since.

While you’re there, hit the tip jar to help with the mountain of treatment expenses.

Pray hard!

Food Fight!

Just when you think the NYT can’t sink any deeper, you’re surprised again. This stopped being funny long ago. Whether it is leaking state secrets or being the mouthpiece of Obama’s perpetual campaign, the NYT stays true to its stock price. Bottom on the barrel!

reports that Gail Collins of the NYT wants President Bush and Vice-President Cheney to resign so Obama can begin his reign NOW. Like a toddler in a full-blown terrible two tantrum, the lefties scream, “I want my Obama. I want him NOOOOWWW!!!!”

Since Barack Obama himself has made no such demand and has the good sense not to make it, why should anyone care about the likes of Collins and Matthews? One reason is that they are engaged in a very public display of their bad manners and bad manners are contagious. Manners play an important part in civic life. Why do we stand in line at a buffet and not rush to the front if we can get away with it? Why do we observe rope barriers when it would be easy to duck under it or jump over them? Because it isn’t the done thing.

[…]In a world with absolutely no manners stanchions, ropes, signs, tapes, would have to be replaced by barbed wire, concrete walls, minefields and other truly impermeable barriers. [Emphasis – admin]

Gail Collins should have learned in Citizenship (here it is taught in middle school) about the President’s term lengths and limitations of power. Maybe she was out with mono or something. She obviously also missed the day that the entire 5th grade was sent to detention for “The Cafeteria Incident.” All it takes is one shout of “Food Fight!” and the twinkies, mystery meat and strange desserts are airborne. The perpetual adolescents are trying to take over the country.

Ed wonders if anyone is working at the Times now, at all.

Do the editors of the New York Times’ opinion pages ever exercise editorial control over their content?

Fausta calls it, “Heaven can’t wait.”

But Mr. Fernandez is right when he says, “Bad manners are contagious.” One only has to look at our shameful national media for the last year or so to see numerous examples. Won’t Chris Matthews be surprised when he finds one day that the “tingle up his leg” is really sciatica?

Victory in Iraq Day

Victory in Iraq Day

Happy Victory in Iraq Day! Beyond the Veil :

And since there will never be a ticker-tape parade down Fifth Avenue in New York for our troops, it’s up to us, the people, to arrange a virtual ticker-tape parade. An online victory celebration.

GatewayPundit is keeping a tally of all the blogs participating as well as all the charts and graphs you need for exhibit A. Read and rejoice, since you won’t hear much about it from the MSM. After all, it’s GOOD news.

Spread the word!

Christmas is Around the Corner – Can You Feel the Hate?

Bearing down on Thanksgiving with both barrels, Christmas is a force until itself. There’s a reason.

One of the more popular posts here at the praxeum is The War on Christmas. Just a roundup of sorts – a sad compilation of Christmas-related bad behaviors. Re-reading it made me ponder if this Christmas season will be better or worse.

Pre-holiday humbugs are moaning the economic distress. Early Christmas shopping here is lighter, but still brisk. Sale prices are at the week before Christmas level. There are LINES at most registers. Not long lines, but there are more than just handful of shoppers in the stores I’ve visited the last few days. We’ll be giving real gifts or cash this year and avoiding our former favorite, gift cards. With two almost-grown children, I loved giving gift cards. But not this year.

In the true spirit of the season, Francis Porretto reports of a new bus advertisement campaign in Washington, D.C.

Ads proclaiming, “Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness’ sake,” will appear on Washington, D.C., buses starting next week and running through December. The American Humanist Association unveiled the provocative $40,000 holiday ad campaign Tuesday….

The anti-God crowd is still working on us, but now they are aiming for our children.

But this is only the overt thrust of the anti-God campaign. The covert purpose is to undermine the attachments of Christians. More specifically, it targets the efforts of Christian parents to school their children in the genesis of the holiday: the Incarnation of the Son of God in human flesh. Adult believers are relatively well armored against so crude a program, but young Americans, to whom the Gospel of Secular Humanism beckons in multifarious ways, are more susceptible.

Hypocrisy, arrogance, and self-pity rolled into one big, purulent ball doth not a cogent argument make.

Do read the whole thing. “Humanists”, my big toe. We all know what piece of cloth they are cut from!

Can you feel the hate? The resentment? The smug, silent condescension? Just bubbling there, right under the surface. A world full of Ebenezer Scrooges delighting in running roughshod over our blissful traditions. How long before Christmas is no longer a holiday? I used to tease my kids about it, but now I believe it will happen in my lifetime.

Last week I heard a searing truth during a sermon bemoaning the usual statistics of church decline in the United States. (Paraphrased) “If America doesn’t change its current path, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will grow up to be either one of two things: atheist or Muslim.”

As these days rush past us like a mighty wind, take the time to remember WHY Christmas is important. And say a prayer for those who would kill us for simply believing in such a thing.

Porretto has two wishes for the anti-Christmas rabble that will soon be in our faces night and day until December 26 [sic]:

In closing: To all the foaming-at-the-mouth left-liberals, Obama worshippers, devotees of James Wolcott, and militant anti-theists who read these scribblings for their chuckle value:

1. Merry Christmas, and may the miracle of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of Mankind, fill you with joy and peace througout the holiday season and the year to come;
2. In place of another electronic gadget, consider getting yourself a life.

May God bless and keep you all.

So Many Jokes, On So Many Levels

Georgia Tech wants its fans (all 256 of them) to wear white tonight for the game vs Miami. They are calling it a “White-Out.”

The whinebucket’s excuses against showing a little school spirit (edited by the anti-Tech admin here):

• Those who don’t own white Tech gear don’t want to buy something just to wear to one game. [Tight-wads. Come on! Stimulate the economy!]

• It will be too cold to wear just a sweatshirt, a problem for those who don’t own white jackets. Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s by the end of the game. [Too cold? Move to Green Bay and you’ll understand the true meaning of Global Warming.]

• They say it’s gimmicky and, if Tech loses, the school will look foolish. [Really? How could you tell?]

• They don’t want to appear as if they’re copying Georgia, which has had three blackouts since last year. [Heaven forbid, GT copies UGA on anything. Like a winning season, perhaps?]

Said [Tony] Yetman, “I view it as being a stunt that, candidly, I would have thought our school was above, especially after you saw the way the most recent blackout worked in Athens.”

Above? You really mean the only direction the Jackets can look is “up.”

I got your White-Out, right here.

Don't wear white after Labor Day, Doofus

Don't wear white after Labor Day

And So It Begins

Sorry so quiet. Many things on many fronts are keeping me distracted.

Yet to be sworn in, Obama gets the first of many insults from the bullies hiding in caves with internet connections. Lawhawk thinks the tape is a “trial balloon” to test Obama’s reaction.

Zawahiri is egging Obama on just to see if Obama will hit al Qaeda.

Zawahiri has sprung a trap on Obama. If Obama orders strikes, Zawahiri can claim that (1) it’s because Obama’s a stooge for others; (2) he’s vain and can’t take being belittled; (3) combination of 1 and 2.

If Obama doesn’t continue to respond to al Qaeda with force, Zawahiri sees just how weak Obama is and how a lack of resolve can be exploited in future attacks against US strategic interests worldwide.

In other words, this is a trial balloon to see how Obama will respond.

The message is also meant to appeal to the far left anti-America fringe to attempt to show that the US will not measurably change its foreign policy now that Obama will be assuming the Presidency. It’s meant to undermine Obama’s possible foreign policy strategies, especially if any of them are a continuation of the Bush and Clinton years.

HotAir calls it the “Belafonte treatment.”

But my question is, where’s the media outrage? It was only weeks ago that certain words or phrases like “community organizer,” “inexperienced,” “hoodwink,” “black,” “Hussein,” “terrorist,” “Bill Ayers,” etc., were considered CODE WORDS for racism. A single comment about the Obama fist-pump and gets E.D. Hill dismissed from FoxNews. But Kathleen Parker is now the media’s darling since she went feral and turned on her own. Wearing a McCain T-shirt or a Palin button resulted in beatings and abuse. Cars with non-Obama bumper stickers were vandalized. Hostility is becoming the new response to political debate. Even the ultimate act of independent thought – voting for who YOU wanted to vote for, not who the MEDIA wanted you to vote for – was considered racist. The Founding Fathers must be shaking their heads in disbelief.

Now a dangerous man, head of a dangerous and murderous organization that hates America with every fiber of its collective being, is hurling insults at the President to be. Why is the media not rending it clothes and pouring ash on their heads in response to this insult? How dare anyone, ANYONE disrespect their Annointed One?

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the demonization of the speaker of the dreaded racist remark? Where’s the illegal background investigations? Hello? Bueller? Bueller?

Oh, sorry, I forgot. The insulter wasn’t an American.

(queue the chirping crickets)

Pledges, Dreams and Other Miscellanea

Gerard over at American Digest has the new Pledge of Allegiance, now appropriately titled “The Pledge of Maybe”:

“I “ [ Too narcissistic — Alter to “One may or may not”]

“pledge” [ Too binding, implies a commitment to something no matter what may happen to it — Alter to “hereby loan on a revocable basis”]

“allegiance” [Just far too antiquated a notion for today’s fast time. Change to: “a smidgen of one’s attention”]

“to the Flag” [ The Flag? You’ve got to be kidding. No symbols drenched in blood, betrayal, slavery, corporate greed, unbridled lust of global domination allowed. Let’s change it to “to the rainbow of diversity”]

“of the United States of America,” [ No way! We are not really citizens of the USA. We’re citizens of the, dare we say it? United Cool Nations! Strike and replace with “of the United Cool Places of One World of Really Well Meaning Persons” “Nations” had to go. See below.]

“and to the Republic” [Scratch that. It was the Republican form of government that got Bush elected. The Republic is so over. We’ll go for Direct Democracy where we all vote on everything, every day on the Internet! Delete and insert “and to the Ruling Elite of Technosavvy, Well-Educated, Nice People” Hey, you can’t let everybody in. Most people are so uncool.]

“for which it stands:” [“Stands” is too aggressive. We need a lighter touch here. Let’s say “which it may represent sometimes”]

“one Nation” [ One? Nation? Doesn’t everyone agree that the Nation-state is finito? Let’s get jiggy here and substitute “many different global cultures and traditions each one just as good as yours”]

“under God,” [ Man, this is the Big One! This is just too much to be believed. All those billions of antiquated, superstitious, unscientific, blindly believing, stupid UNCOOL people who are cluttering up OUR planet with their foolish faith — when they could be as smart as us and know, absolutely know, that there’s nothing going on in the universe except “purposeless matter hovering in the dark!”

    The UNCOOL have got to be stopped and saved from their own delusion.

This one is right out! Insert “under nothing but our own current ideas of what is cool as we choose to understand cool.”]

“indivisible,” [Way too harsh, man. Insert “and able to go our own ways at any time that makes us feel good.”]

“With Liberty” [We like this concept. Let’s flesh it out to: “With Liberty and license and free cable TV and unlimited weekend minutes.”]

“and Justice” [ An obvious typo in the original. Revert to “Just Us.”]

“for all.” [Inadvertently truncated in the original. Extend to: “for all those that agree one hundred percent with Me.”]

Read the whole thing. Then you’ll have the same headache I have. The kind of headache only spawned by an extended conversation with your teenaged child. Dang, any teenaged child for that matter. Gimme, gimme, gimme, but don’t make me responsible for anything or heaven forbid hold accountant for my choices. So, can you take me to the mall now?

That should fly very well with the pirates, lurking about at sea, waiting for a chance to pounce on America. And no love, this are NOT the dishy, Johnnie Depp kind of pirates.

The last week or so of November always brings out the extended-play version of UGA vs. Georgia Tech smack talk. Always on a continuous play-loop, it reaches the height of hyperbole when the leaves are falling off the trees and the first cold front blows in. Get The Picture reminds us of an Ol’ Dawg hero. Theron Sapp broke the drought of Georgia’s losses to the dreaded North Avenue Trade School back in 1957.

Fourth and goal was a gutsy call for a team that hadn’t scored a touchdown in four years.

You want to know how big a deal that score was? In Georgia’s long history, Sapp is one of only four players, including Frankie Sinkwich, Charley Trippi and Herschel Walker, to have his jersey number retired. Pretty impressive for a guy who only scored six touchdowns in his entire career as a fullback.


Fausta is still talking about Michelle Obama’s ugly election night dress. I commented on the dress here, noting

Ugly and unflattering – no matter that it is the hubster’s favorite color and subliminally sends Marxist death rays into everyone’s brain.

Ugly (go to 5:14) is just ugly, no matter what the pricetag.

The Anchoress is back from her retreat and plowing through her hate-mail. When she posted this, I laughed and laughed. I can relate, having plenty of hate-mail and nasty commentors of my own!

Ah, Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men. That is, only if you’re a liberal Democrat.

Sleepy Saturday Sites to See

I’ve been to Diana West’s site several times, following links from others. Today I’m adding her to the blogroll. Her post on the humiliation of a LA restaurant owner’s at the hand of her patrons for supporting Prop. 8 will make your blood boil.

Aren’t we all hurt, isn’t our entire political system hurt, when citizens are not free to express their opinions–increasingly, their traditional political opinions–without fear of tribunal, intimidation and boycott? Aren’t we all threatened when purity of orthodoxy–as determined, in this case, by a margarita-swilling lunch crowd–becomes a requirement for social inclusion?

Read the whole thing.

Fausta is procrastinating.

This reminds me of a scene from A Fish Called Wanda. Or Helen Thomas. I’m not sure.

UGA vs Auburn Throwdown, in Boxers

Don’t ya just love the internet? This is just slap hilarious!

But if a blogger can’t make hyperbolic and barely substantiated claims against his rivals while posting in his boxer shorts and drinking bourbon by the fist full, then haven’t the terrorists already won?

Just remember this tomorrow…

Thank you sir, I'll have another

Thank you sir, I'll have another

Quote o’ the Day

Ed Morrissey:

Only by agreeing to pursue what unites us can we forge an alliance that can achieve any positive change for America.

The Big Hiss – UPDATED

The market has made known its feelings about an Obama presidency. Can you hear the Big Hiss? Yesterday was the first “up” day since the election results were announced. We’ll see if the market can sustain its feeble attempt at optimism for at least one day. (UPDATE: Nope. Down 337 points.) Since the MSM and Democrats are always so quick to blame Bush and “8 failed years” for any market movement, me, my retirement account and I, wish to heartily blame the incoming administration the over 10% additional loss in market value – just since the election! At this rate, taking out what few dollars I have left and stowing them under the mattress looks pretty good!

I’m not the only one seeing cracks in Obama’s shiny finish already – before he even sits in the Oval Office. Stephen Green has a great article up at PJM on Obama’s Very Bad Start. Go read the whole thing.

It seems like our president-elect is keeping himself busy picking unnecessary fights.

To me, it appears that Obama is having trouble keeping the lid on his true colors. He needs to learn as POTUS, his responsibility is now the American people. All of them, not just his base. If he can’t wrap his Harvard-educated brain around that, then we are in big trouble.

True, the Republicans did blow the election for many, many reasons that won’t be covered here. Those reasons are covered by others with more insight than me. The Washington shark tank has lost touch with reality. And its constituents. And the founding principles of this country. And even its neighbors and allies.

As Stephen said

So it’s true — Obama really is bringing people together. He’s bringing them together … against Barack Obama. While it’s true that Republicans got off on the wrong foot this week and last, so did Obama. And if he keeps it up, then the Republicans might not be the minority party for too very much longer.

Many grassroot initiatives are beginning even now. Stay tuned for more.

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