We’ll Always Have That Weekend in Nuevo Laredo

(50 bonus points to whoever can provide me the details of the quote used in the title)

An amazing thing happened tonight – my boy, who is growing into a young man, and a budding writer – was so stricken by Gerard’s How Beautiful We Were that he posted it on his MySpace. When was the last time a teenager thought past the next 10 minutes/meal/snack/text message to the bigger picture? To what his future might be like under the great unknown that faces us after Tuesday?

Go read it again. Again and again. Commit it to memory so when the internet is shut down to protect us from ourselves, you will always have the beautiful words to pass down.

My friends tease me, saying my spiritual gift is the gift of tears. And there have been tears, lots of them, the last few days. Holidays, Hallmark commercials, my kid’s performances, sappy cards, cooing babies – poof, off I go.

Who knows what Tuesday will bring. Lately, I’ve been reminded of that scene out of Armageddon, where the team has left and Harry is sitting on the asteroid, alone, detonator in hand. When he squeezes the trigger, the images flash through his mind of his daughter Grace, their past and the future he’d hoped for. Hope for Earth but gut-wrenching grief for Harry’s family and friends.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” (Spock, Wrath of Khan) If the moment comes (and it will – Iran is testing nukes as we speak), would Obama make the ultimate sacrifice of himself, or his ever-shifting policies, to save the American people from annihilation? Does he have the backbone of a Harry Stamper or Spock or any number of heroes in literature or the Real Messiah himself?

I don’t think so.

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