Food Fight!

Just when you think the NYT can’t sink any deeper, you’re surprised again. This stopped being funny long ago. Whether it is leaking state secrets or being the mouthpiece of Obama’s perpetual campaign, the NYT stays true to its stock price. Bottom on the barrel!

reports that Gail Collins of the NYT wants President Bush and Vice-President Cheney to resign so Obama can begin his reign NOW. Like a toddler in a full-blown terrible two tantrum, the lefties scream, “I want my Obama. I want him NOOOOWWW!!!!”

Since Barack Obama himself has made no such demand and has the good sense not to make it, why should anyone care about the likes of Collins and Matthews? One reason is that they are engaged in a very public display of their bad manners and bad manners are contagious. Manners play an important part in civic life. Why do we stand in line at a buffet and not rush to the front if we can get away with it? Why do we observe rope barriers when it would be easy to duck under it or jump over them? Because it isn’t the done thing.

[…]In a world with absolutely no manners stanchions, ropes, signs, tapes, would have to be replaced by barbed wire, concrete walls, minefields and other truly impermeable barriers. [Emphasis – admin]

Gail Collins should have learned in Citizenship (here it is taught in middle school) about the President’s term lengths and limitations of power. Maybe she was out with mono or something. She obviously also missed the day that the entire 5th grade was sent to detention for “The Cafeteria Incident.” All it takes is one shout of “Food Fight!” and the twinkies, mystery meat and strange desserts are airborne. The perpetual adolescents are trying to take over the country.

Ed wonders if anyone is working at the Times now, at all.

Do the editors of the New York Times’ opinion pages ever exercise editorial control over their content?

Fausta calls it, “Heaven can’t wait.”

But Mr. Fernandez is right when he says, “Bad manners are contagious.” One only has to look at our shameful national media for the last year or so to see numerous examples. Won’t Chris Matthews be surprised when he finds one day that the “tingle up his leg” is really sciatica?



  1. gmroper said,

    November 24, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    Thou hast caused me to smile. Food fight indeed. The Obamabots really don’t care about the governance of this country or the Constitution that dictates that governance. They only want their demigod in place. By the way, come visit me at my new place soon to be

  2. November 24, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    […] friend Obi’s Sister has a good post up on the subject “Food Fight!”  Also, you can find a delightful read at Fausta’s Blog complete with Chrisboy Matthews on […]

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