The Sunday Headcold Express

Fading fast, head pounding, drowning in drainage, but I would be remiss if today wasn’t remembered.

Michelle remembers . All the WWII veterans in my family are now gone.

From Gerard: “Do not tell me it can’t be done.”

Coal in Gail Collins’ stocking.

In the many silly things demonstrated by Gail Collins’ inane column, the most glaring is the perpetually adolescent mindset that sees no point in a peaceful, nationally ennobling transition if it means waiting for the prize, and no value in introspection if it delays ripping open the gifts.

I so want one of these in my stocking. (Curses! Foiled again! They are backordered!)

The War on Christmas continues. We’re used to the usual Google slap in the face, but this time it is Amazon. This is so wrong, in so many ways! Mark Steyn reports

…about Amazon’s “Twelve Days Of Holiday” promotion, a reader complained to them about their decision not to use the word “Christmas” and received by way of response a canned e-mail apologizing instead for their use of the word “Christmas”…

Reminds me of the one and only time I used a “live-chat” for online help with a national cellular service provider. After several attempts to get the information I needed, I decided to ask the “chatter” if they were a real person. I asked several different ways, all of which replied with a question of which product was I interested in purchasing. Remember the original premise of the so-called discussion was for on-line help, not sales. Being more mischievous than I feel right now, I played with it for a while, asking all sorts of off the wall questions. What a monumental waste of time and insult to anyone’s intelligence.

An offer you can’t refuse. Everyone at this house knows my obsession with The Godfather movies. I can’t explain it myself. I love movies with lots of detail and real acting. Real actors know you can say volumes, without saying anything.

You get what you pay for [emphasis – Admin]:

Of the values progressives hold dear, none can be as central or as cherished as the promotion of diversity. It is a word that has become almost a term of art. When a private school champions its embrace of “diversity,” parents understand that the admissions office is not dying to enroll the son of a white evangelical minister or the daughter of a founding partner of a white-shoe law firm [Been there, done that. -Admin]. Rather, we know that the school makes an intentional effort to include children of certain minority groups among its student body, and that most important among those groups are African-Americans and the children of gay families.

Left-leaning California’s horror about this newly revealed schism between two of its favorite sons is a situation that cries out for a villain, but the one that liberal white Hollywood has chosen for the role probably won’t make it all the way to the third act.

“It’s their churches,” somebody whispered to one of us not long after the election; “It’s their Christianity,” someone else hissed, rolling her eyes. Apparently the religion espoused by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is now the enemy, at least among the smart set, and if this sounds like a regional issue, it’s not.

Z.Dwight Billingsly writes at the (very liberal) St. Louis Post-Dispatch (h/t Gateway Pundit):

Well, Americans usually get the government they deserve, and I urge you all to get ready for this 21st century version of amateur hour. It’s going to be an embarrassing and dangerous time for America and American ideals. There won’t be much, I’m afraid, to be thankful for.

Bill Kristol, writing in The Weekly Standard, reminded me that every 16 years we get a Democrat president with no experience in national security or international affairs who’s elected after Republican presidents have made and kept America safe: After Eisenhower, we got Kennedy; after Nixon/Ford, we got Carter; after Reagan/Bush, we got Clinton. And after Bush II, we get Barack Obama.

Every strong Republican president who succeeded in protecting America has allowed Americans to become complacent about national security, thereby opening the door for weak Democrats who allowed enemies to threaten and attack America without penalty. Obama will be no different, and Americans will have to learn again that there can be no economic security without national security.

That’s not to say that Obama’s election doesn’t come with a couple of interesting side effects. For example, henceforth no black man in America may be called unqualified for any job that he might seek, no matter his prior education or experience level. Want to be a nuclear scientist but lack a Ph.D. in physics? If the applicant is a black man, it’s no problem. Just offer hope to the profession and promise change from all those stuffy theorems that have given the discipline its structure over the years, and you’re in.

That’s on a par with throwing out the fact that tax cuts lead to more investment, job creation and increasing government revenues, just because the black man, that transcendent agent of change, says it’s OK.

Another side effect has been white people contacting me to say that I should be proud to see a black man become president. Could there be a comment that is more condescending, more insulting, than that? If I believed that in America a black man could not be president, then I would be proud to see any black man elected president. But because I always have believed that nothing in America prevents a black man from becoming president or anything else he wants to be, I can be embarrassed, not proud, to see someone as unqualified and inexperienced as Obama become president.

Jackie Robinson, the first black man in modern-day major league baseball, illustrates my point. He was the right man with the right combination of talent, temperament and character at the right time to be successful for that important “first.” Obama? An empty suit who will fail.

Truly amazing. Buy that man an eggnog! Speaking of which, a hot toddy sounds really good right now…

At HotAir, Christmas comes early.

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