Mike Kavanagh Passed Away Saturday

WSB Radio personality and Atlanta mainstay Mike Kavanagh passed away at his home Saturday.

The station’s website has a nice write-up on Mike’s place in Atlanta’s collective heart.

Mike’s mission was to convince consumers that investing is not difficult, that fear and greed will combine to be the worst enemies of your financial plan and the main goal of all financial planning is to create your own person “SWAN” plan — which stood for “Sleep Well at Night”.

In tribute to Mike Kavanagh Sunday, WSB rebroadcast the November 23rd show with Santa Claus. Mike’s message that day was a challenge to all of us to live with an “attitude of gratitude.”

I will miss listening to him every Sunday morning on the way to church. He had such a great voice – the kind where you can hear a person’s inner happiness.

UPDATE: From Lisa Campbell in the comments – a foundation has been started in memory of Mike.


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  1. LisaCampbell said,

    December 13, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    Thanks for remembering Mike. This is Lisa Campbell — I was his co-anchor for many years at WSB. We’ve started a foundation in his memory. Please log on. http://www.mikekavanaghfoundation.com.


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