Baby Erickson Arrives

Congrats to Erick and Christy Erickson on their new bundle of joy! A new baby makes the Christmas season even more magical.

Erick writes and runs things at Peach Pundit and RedState.

Sorry So Quiet

I’m attending a three week boot camp type of training and it zaps my energy everyday!

In the meantime, check out –

The Anchoress on President Bush’s faith,

Fausta on wise words from an atheist,

Gateway Pundit with several articles about the Illinois Governor’s investigation, arrest and subsequent hilarity,

Michelle calls it the Democratic boomerang of corruption (ouch),

Peach Pundit
on Hell Freezes Over in Georgia,

Speaking of cold places, they are still counting votes in Minnesota,

Atlas discussing the nominations for the annual Jihad Watch Awards,

and Santa’s voice mailbox is full, already.

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