Obama’s Opaque Transparency

In my many years, I used to think of “the Chicago Way” as a style of pizza that had recently migrated south. My first encounter was in Houston, Texas. Thick, high crusty sides, loaded with cheese and other yummy ingredients. One piece alone made a meal. A whole pie would feed a family of four plus the dozen of customers at the surrounding tables.

Lately, “the Chicago Way” has taken on a new meaning for me. A darker definition, especially since the beneficiary is about to be the President of the United States. What has happened to all of Obama’s campaign promises of “transparency”, the end of politics as usual, a bright, new beginning? The unicorns?

(Queue the chirping crickets)

As Ace says,

Obama did say he was going to hit the ground running. But who knew it was going to be in the style of Bill Clinton.

Clinton didn’t get in hot water because of diddling interns; he got in trouble because he LIED about it. Obama’s “rule” hasn’t even started and he’s already under a cloud of suspicion.

Vanderleun does some internet mining

Mark this as incident #56,967 of “It’s not the crime, it’s the coverup.”

My own experience tells me that:
1) When a story containing inconvenient facts is suddenly erased from a news site with no warning, that story probably contains the truth.
2) When the removal is followed up quickly by a purging of the Google cache of the story, that story contained a very sensitive truth.
3) When, finally, a lawyeresque non-disclaimer disclaimer appears on the news site to explain the erasures, the original story is a stick of dynamite with a short fuse and the reporter is either posting her resume on Monster, or hiring security, or both.

Conclusion: Neither of the two brief stories from KHQA were important at the time they were filed. Both were just brief notices that what would normally be happening after Obama’s win was happening. If you’re going to be President, you have to resign the Senate and the Gov. gets to appoint your replacement. As President-elect you are going to want to have a say in that. And you will, to a point, get it.

Both stories are just commenting on Obama’s calendar at the time. As such the source was most probably the campaign itself, or a person in the campaign close to local Chicago reporters. Just a couple of dull factoids that stated there was to be a meeting and yes there had been a meeting.

But yesterday, when the official Obama party line, issued by the campaign and spoken Obama himself, was that there was no meeting and discussion between Obama and the Blago., then these two unfortunate — preciously harmless — factoids became explosive. Explosive because they exposed the lie. And so they had to die.

Does it remind you of something? It reminds me of the people who used to disappear out of pictures with Stalin, because, well, they just did. If I can find the picture, before and after, I’ll post it.

Fausta is reserving judgment at the moment, but will we ever know the real truth? Dennis Miller is wondering how the “smartest guy on the planet” never noticed he was knee-deep in a cesspool of corruption. Was Obama “hermetically sealed”, like home-canned beans?

Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s chief of staff), the mouthpiece of the President-elect, is dodgy at best. A veteran of Chicago politics, this gig is the fruit of his many labors in the belly of the beast. Obama’s transition website is now constantly being scrubbed of questions/comments regarding Blagojevich – flagging them as “inappropriate” so the web software will automatically remove them. That’s change you can believe in.

Jesse Jackson, Jr, “Candidate #5”, seems to be suffering from the same affliction of bad date math combined with selective memory loss. Must be something in the water there in Chicago.

The Anchoress wonders if the press will someday regret sheltering Obama.

I can’t help but wonder, if this Obama/Rezko/Blago thing becomes big (and the press seemed yesterday to be trying to prevent that) will the press one day beat its breast for not “vetting” Obama and his associates as they did over “not asking enough questions” about Iraq?

Additionally, if Obama can’t (or won’t) persuade Blagojevich to resign his governor’s seat, will it be a perceived sign of weakness by our bomb-wearing friends? What then can we expect when he’s nose to nose with Putin? Ahmadinejad? Will he put daisies in the barrels of their nukes while they point them over the Atlantic?

Obama’s transparency looks pretty opaque from here.

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