The Obligatory Baseball and Steroids Post

It’s February – Spring Training is just weeks away. Just like Groundhog Day, it is a baseball ritual for some star to apologize for his steroid use. This time it is the Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. (FYI – The Anchoress has never been overly fond of him.) People who don’t follow baseball will know him as Madonna’s latest boyfriend and the supposed cause of her latest divorce. That type of crowd wouldn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

Why A-Rod? Hadn’t baseball been tarnished enough by Barry? Was the lure of the record books for all time so great that you thought the drugs would enhance your performance just enough to get you there lickety-split? Did you think, like every little boy smoking cigarettes behind the woodshed, that you wouldn’t eventually get caught?

Rumor has it that Bud Selig wants to punish Bonds by stripping him of the home run record. Down here in Atlanta, it has been a hot subject. Most people wanted the record restored to its previous (and unmedicated) owner, Hank Aaron, but Hammerin’ Hank was gracious, as always. He says let the record stand. But once Bonds is convicted, let The Selig do what he must. In my heart, Hank Aaron will always be the Home Run King. (I was there the night he hit 715, breaking Babe Ruth’s record, but that is a story for another post, another day.)

In the meantime, let the boys of baseball, both big and small, remember this…

(Cartoon by <a href="">Mike Luckovich</a>/AJC)

(Cartoon by Mike Luckovich/AJC)

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