CPAC – Newt, Erick and a Big Yellow Chicken

Fausta, ever the social butterfly and networking queen, is off yet again and I’m sitting in THE chair.

Feet are better today, thanks for askin’. Highlights of today so far was an intimate blogger’s breakfast with Newt and then a session on Building a Conservative Coalition Online with Mark Tapscott, David All, Ralph Benko and Georgia Boy Erick Erickson. Great ideas and great discussion. Many of which I will start introducing here at Obi’s Sister in the days to come. But back to Newt for a second. He is just an engaging up close and personal as he is when he’s getting the rock star treatment. Because I’d heard him this morning and was searching for some cell signal in this cavernous hotel, I skipped the SRO big speech. The line to just get in was hundreds deep.

Where to even begin? There is SO much to process at every turn. It is so good to know that I’m not alone in my disgust and disbelief at the current state of affairs! The general mood here is high frustration and a determination to get the message out that not only Obama, but all the liberal lackies drafting in his coattails will wreck us all. And our children and their children and their children.

In the ultimate small-world moment, I even met a guy last night who knows the infamous Obi. Someone in a yellow chicken costume is walking around with a huge check for $1 billion to Goldman-Sachs. Snort.

In the meantime, the world continues to turn and our enemies grow braver. Those who want to kill us and rape our daughters have a gift for Dear Leader. And his ego grows bigger by the day – soon it will become it’s own federal agency.


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