“This is the Real World”

Tuesday, in this new format of Obi’s Sister, is “Useful Idiot Day”.

Veering from his usual Tuesday routine, Stacy is half-heartedly poking a stick at David Brooks instead of his typical thrashing. Sadly today’s entry here, and the first Useful Idiot in the series, is not about a celebrity or media-type or even a politician. It is more personal than someone on the local, state or national stage.

It’s about a Pharisee. A Pharisee whom I had the intense displeasure of being exposed to Monday evening, at an otherwise delightful and inspiring performance of an Easter oratorio.

When musicians are hired, especially student musicians (especially poor, starving college student musicians), most music ministers consider it a golden opportunity to interact with a group of unchurched young people. Most students don’t attend a local church at their university, even if they did back home. This age group is a demographic that the church is losing in troves. Now I’m not asking the church to change just for these young folks, but a little common courtesy goes a long way. This young minister had a chance to exhibit grace and provide a welcoming environment for these kids. Instead they saw what they’ve come to expect from adults in church leadership – judgmental attitude and hyprocrisy. What kind of witness is rudeness? Does harshness lead lost lambs back to the fold? Is your imperious screed of “This is the real world – get over it” a sign of your good witness? Didn’t Paul tell us to be “not of the world?”

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind… (Romans 12:2)

You really blew it last night. Really, really blew it. Hopefully the years you have left in seminary will enlighten you to the godly trait of compassion. A good dose of humility wouldn’t hurt either. Here’s a good place to start.

A Small Glimmer, But a Glimmer Nonetheless

This makes me hopeful. Anything that worries Nancy is a good thing. This Sparks fellow bears watching.

If the feds announce charges against corruptocrats like Murtha after years of obvious pork-barrel practices and years of Pelosi protection, expect this to be the Democratic Abramoff. Some Democrats have already begun to prepare themselves for that possibility by defecting and supporting an internal probe, hoping to avoid getting caught in an anti-incumbent rage when the storm hits.

Murtha survived the Abscam scandal. He won’t survive this one if the FBI begins rounding up Magliochetti and his subordinates. And Pelosi may find herself out of leadership if the implosion leads to the loss of enough seats in the midterm elections to put the Democrats back in the minority

I’m not dancin’ on the coffee table yet, just yet. But this is the best news in a couple of weeks.

Another guy to keep an eye on is Andrew Brietbart. From Stacy of the many names:

Some of you newbies may not realize it, but these troll tricks are merely updated online versions of the tactics the Communist Party used in its decades-long subversion campaign. Breitbart and most other conservatives won’t say this in so many words, because it sounds like McCarthyesque conspiracy theory, but it’s nonetheless true: If you want to understand how the American Left operates, you need to spend time studying how the old CPUSA operated.

As they, read the whole thing. And be hopeful.

Daniel Hannan, The New American Hero

(h/t Jimmie at The Sundries Shack)

Daniel is the new dreamboat of American conservatives. His speech to Gordon Brown has gone viral, so I’m helping!

Jimmie heard him on Hannity the same time I did:

For one, it is his fierce criticism of obviously failed progressive economic policies that prize theory over reality. I heard Hannan, a few days after his speech, on Sean Hannity’s radio show and was seriously impressed with how grounded in practicality he is. He believes in conservative principles not because they are right in some vague theoretical way but because, when applied, they work. That is a point I wish conservative politicians here in America would make more. We conservatives do not want lower taxes because some economist back in the 20s said that low taxes would be a good thing but because when we all have more of our money to use as we see fit, the economy takes off like a rocket.

And Hannan blogs, too!

First Saturday Georgia Round-up

Woke up to MORE RAIN and thunder this morning! At this point, even the mushrooms from Wednesday’s monsoon are growing mushrooms.

Georgia News and Info that caught my eye:

Mark Richt tweets like a man. Woof! Woof!

The Atlanta Tea Party just got bigger. Much bigger. For more information, see The Atlanta Tea Party, Atlanta Tax Protest and SmartGirlPolitics.

“Isakson just became more beatable.”

The Earth Hour Pledge with Georgian Style. I hope that Google satellite will be able to see my house! Besides, I don’t want to miss Ian McKellen in King Lear on GPB.

For all the problems they have down in Clayton County, it’s good to see this is such a priority, especially when “… city council members argue that the new ordinance is necessary to maintain the city’s quality of life…”. If the new ordinance truly drives these types of establishments out of business and keeps new ones from sprouting up, then kudos! But I fear it will only drag Clayton down into more and more litigation.

Georgia blogger Deanna Berry gives a cliff-notes version of the Obama Presidency thus far. Pretty frightening, isn’t it, when you can see your children’s future slipping away? All that, and more, in a handy list.

How about a treasure hunt in hip-deep mud? A meteorite hit landed stuck near Augusta on March 20. There’s a reward to find it. Be sure to take your pot holders.

Update: Instapundit notes a new Georgia law that has resulted in more safety at intersections than increasing said intersection’s revenue stream.

From the mouth of babes…

Ahem, Look Over Here, Please

Well, isn’t that something? This little blog made The Full Metal Jacket Saturday link-a-thon AGAIN this week. For those whose SAT scores only qualify them for jobs in the WH press office, The Full Metal Jacket Saturday is a link-loaded extravaganza over at The Other McCain. Stacy (and assistant Smitty) are prolific writers, dishing out mountains of conservative commentary, with a dump truck load of snark as a side dish. Definitely a fun place to hang out!

Imagine my surprise when I scored the first mention, only two weeks ago. Little me, I thought it was just a favorable galactic burp in my general direction, but twice now?! My star must be a’risin’!

Monsoons and Moonpies

Friday night! Soccer game canceled due to fields under water, pizza for dinner, Mark Harmon grousing at the probie in the background – no better time for some linky-love!

Ann Compton – gag me with a teleprompter.

Elizabeth says read, so read!

Obama channels Captain Underpants!

Robert Pattinson’s new iPhone.

Who needs basketball?

Ol’ Blue Eyes did it.

Go Gators! Now for the palate cleanser

A true public servant…not!

Wonder if she considered that most of the earlier guys had no teeth?

If you’ve been off-planet for a few weeks, you would have missed that Barack’s Teleprompter cranked up its own blog.

Come on down to the Party in Georgia!

Moon Pies make me happy!

Moon Pies make me happy!

First Thursday Food Fantasy

Paul Deen, you’ve been dethroned.

Monday evening we had the occasion to be in lovely downtown Newnan, Georgia. Newnan, for those not acquainted with our fine state, is the location of many beautiful stately homes, many of which are ante-belleum.

We ate dinner at the Redneck Gourmet, situated on the square. I had fish and chips; the Hub had a burger. For an appetizer, we ordered fried green tomatoes. Fried green tomatoes are one of those things that can make or break a menu down there. You can tell the chef is an import from northern shores if he cuts them too thick, cuts them too thin, overbreads, or overfries, or heaven forbid, serves them with goat cheese (you know who you are!)

The Hub nearly had to fight me to get his fair share. Now Paula Deen does many things well, and the fried green tomatoes at her restaurants The Lady & Sons and Uncle Bubba’s are definitely divine, but sweetie, you got beat Monday night. Beat like a drum.


As frequent readers of this little blog know, I can be all over the place. Forget the shopping; the internet is a treasure trove of knowledge. It is a virtual playground of disjointed facts, opinions and bald-faced lies for those of us who might suffer from AADHD a lack of, what shall we say, focus? Obtuse Star Wars references aside, it is time this little blog graduated from bloggy kindergarten.

So today, Obi’s Sister is unveiling a plan.

Rear Admiral Joshua Painter: What’s his plan?
Jack Ryan: His plan?
Adm. Painter: Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.
( The Hunt for Red October.)

Well, more of an idea, really – a loose organization of content that somewhat resembles a plan. A redirection of effort (in project-manager-nazi-speak). Here goes:

Tuesday (in honor of Stacy McCain’s gleeful fisking of David Brooks every Tuesday), will now be “Useful Idiot(s) Day.” It may be Mr. Brooks, random yet-to-be-nominated Treasury deputies, Tom Cruise, The Won himself, or the crank in the Chick-Fila drive through this morning. You’ve been warned.

Thursday will be about food. Restaurant reviews, perhaps a family favorite recipe. Maybe even a few Obama family recipes, too, like: chicken, wet noodles, meringue, angel food cake, those old lady chiffon lunch-jello-salad things, anything lightweight/low cal/non-existent and oh, don’t forget the crab.

And Saturday will cover Georgia. Expect just about anything about the lovely Peach State.

Stay tuned! It should be a fun ride!

If You Voted for Obama…

…would you mind taking a poll? Just a little poll?

For those who didn’t vote for Obama, Stacy has published the instruction manual on how to speak to an Obamanoid when they come knockin’ at the door, wanting you to pledge your unwavering support for his socialist agenda policies for HopeNChange. And believe me, they will.

Small Blessings

I managed to sit through the Obama 60 Minutes softball tournament without hurling. Hubster did yell at the TV, though, like when the Dawgs are losing to an obviously inferior opponent (or any team that wears orange). Perhaps the fact that I’d just awoke from the usual basketball-induced stupor was what kept me from yelling at the TV myself.

The Lowlight: Are you punch-drunk? To which Obama just wiggled and giggled more, then promptly drug Steve Kroft out (on an obviously cold day) to wax poetic about the new White House swing-set. I wish he’d only be as observant of, say something important to ALL Americans right now -like the economy – as he was on the design of his kid’s new playground.

Current issues not mentioned during the taping: Obama’s first judicial nominee is (wait for it) an ACORN alum.

The vultures are circling for Tim Geithner’s office furniture.

Mob rule in D.C.:

The Law: Of all the alarming things going on in Washington these days nothing is as shocking, or disheartening, as the collapse in respect for the rule of law and the Constitution.

If Obama was truly a constitutional scholar, and editor of the Harvard Law Review, surely, SURELY NOW, he’d put his foot down and stop this nonsense. Is this just more resume-padding coming to light?

It is becoming PAINFULLY obvious the man is in over his head. Kevin McCollough at TownHall:

You could resign but then you place the rudder of the free world into the hands of a man who is arguably more arrogant than you, far more prone to hubris, and far too dimwitted to know the difference.

Your dishonest policies on the science of stem cells, your greatest export to date to other countries: access to abortion, and your insistence on hidden taxes on every American (cap and trade) are not helping America’s confidence in you either.

You do not rule a center-left nation Mr. President, and that’s why you’re feeling the pain and discomfort at present. In fact you don’t “rule” anything at all. We the American people have lent you the authority and the responsibility of administrating our nation’s concerns for a brief period of time. We rule you. You work for us.

In order to improve the situation one of two things must change.

You must move center right, or be prepared to lose in 2012 by a margin larger than your win in 2008.

There are more of us than there are of you. So I’d take the hint, and the sooner the better.

A national malaise of HopeNChange. Fausta is one of the most optimistic people I know – if she’s down, it’s getting really bad!

I hope he fails, too. If he doesn’t, and his many policies are “successfully” enacted, the America we know will cease to exist. My kid’s future is at stake here, folks.

Obama’s landslide victory may be the reawakening of the sleeping giant. Regular, hard-working Americans are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.

The only good thing about the show was the second half – without listening to Obama’s full schlepitude, I’d never have learned about Mr. Ayers and Mr. Lopez (the Julliard-trained homeless musician found in Los Angeles). See there are small blessings still to be had!

The New Phones Are Here! The New Phones Are Here!

Yes, it has been a pretty pathetic week here at the far western post of House Kenobi. Too much work, too much soccer, too much smelly soccer laundry, too much pollen; just too much life and not enough hours in the day to handle it. So when the new cells came, there was great rejoicing. Yea!

Yet again, the fam here at Obi’s Sister is out stimulating the economy in our own little way. Too bad the President or the Treasury can’t figure that out. Hmmmm.

A few random hits, and I’m off to bed at a decent hour for the first time this week:

The Obumbler – the gift that keeps on giving. Jimmie asks the burning questions that all of America wants to know:

Who knew that our leading gaffe-master at this point in the administration would be the President?

How long before we see the first Photoshop of the President bowling in a football helmet?

Iowahawk shares a letter from the President’s desk.

Fausta can’t stop laughing.

The Anchoress has her usual top shelf round-up. Like her, I wonder about the next four years.

Without the help of the press – hiding his mistakes, never asking a tough or uncomfortable question, not even curious enough to ask to see his grades in college – where would this guy be? I’m thinking he wouldn’t be in the Oval Office, right now, that’s for sure.

Hey Stacy, 23 days. Ladies, look quick, it’s a man apologizing. Take pictures if you want – it is such a rare sight.

Gambling and prognostication excitement: a poll at Steve’s blog, Runny Eggs; some Higher Math; a new office pool, but with a twist. I’ll buy a square – March 30.

And today’s money shots are basketball related (surprise):

Sen. John Corwyn, ““I appreciate that President Obama has completed his ‘March Madness’ Tournament Bracket,” Cornyn said. “Yet the organizational chart of his administration still has far too many open slots.”


Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, “Somebody said that we’re not in President Obama’s Final Four, and as much as I respect what he’s doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets.”

Brings a whole new meaning to March Madness, doesn’t it?

Three Years – Already?

Yes, today is Pi Day and yet another anniversary of this little blog!


It’s been an eventful year! Finally met Fausta in the flesh, went to CPAC where I met tons of other bloggers, was exposed to the Five Rules of Blogging, bought a car but didn’t move to Memphis. Heartfelt thanks to my readers and to my bloggy mom, The Anchoress. She once said that Ed Morrissey was her blog-father. I met him at CPAC, too! I wonder if that makes Michelle Malkin my aunt? My blog family tree is growing, limb by limb.

Previous anniversary posts:
Pi Day, v2.0,
On Pi Day and Clinton Lie Detectors

And the one that started it all:
Cartoon Home Cookin’, Mama King and Me

Save the Date, Y’all

April 15, that is. Another TeaParty Day. If Americans can manage to organize these in just a weeks time, just think what will happen after over a month’s planning!

Watch this video from Smart Girl Politics.

Atlanta protest information can be found at Atlanta Tax Protest and Atlanta Tea Party. 6:30 pm at the State Capitol. Georgia, here. National, here.

If you know of more Georgia risings, email or post the link in the comments.

Happy Iowahawk Day

Didn’t you know? Today is Iowahawk Day! Enjoy!

Bueller? Bueller?

As usual, the British press is the place to find any REAL news about the Colonies.

But yesterday, Sir Gus O’Donnell, Britain’s most senior civil servant, exposed transatlantic tension when he protested that Downing Street was finding it “unbelievably difficult” to plan for next month’s G20 summit in London because of problems tracking down senior figures in the US administration. “There is nobody there. You cannot believe how difficult it is,” the Cabinet Secretary told a civil service conference in Gateshead. [Emphasis Admin]

Like me, Don Surber grouses that Obama is shirking his responsibility as POTUS. Ya think? I mean, after all, what’s a corrupt Chicago thug to do when he becomes the most powerful man in America? Party on, dude!

If our allies cannot reach us because Barack Obama has failed to appoint someone to answer the phone, how are we to have any friends in the world?

And yet this naïf little twit who barely qualifies to be a back bencher in the Illinois legislature had the nerve to tell reporters last week: “President Obama has accomplished more in 30 days than any president in modern history.”

He really said that.

He really thinks that.

He really thinks that because he could get legislation passed through a Congress that is overwhelmingly Democratic that he is God’s gift to the nation.

Barack Obama may have had the worst first 30 days in the White House since William Henry Harrison.

Poor President Harrison. Really, that’s rich. His untimely demise sparked a brief constitutional crisis. Hey wait, isn’t that what we’re seeing now, even though the press won’t report it because they are too busy oozing about Michelle’s muscular arms or jockeying to be O’s personal lapdog?

Obama must be thinking, “Everywhere, all these grimy commoners deranged right-wingers misinformed folks are complaining about my substantial growth of government (think of it as the Gubment on Viagra heh heh heh)…I’ll show them. I just won’t fill any positions. Especially in Treasury. That’ll show ’em.” Typical adolescent thinking. Like picking a fight with someone to distract the hall monitors while your hooligan pals break into the cheerleader’s lockers to steal their panties.

How can government function without basic administrative staff? Does Obama think the magic unicorn will answer the phones? Run the payroll? Order the catered lunches? Run the spell check on White House announcements? Hell-o? Bueller? Bueller?

That 3 am phone call ad from the campaign suddenly takes on a deeper meaning. Who’s protecting America while Obama is out party-hopping, smoozing the Washington glitterati? No wonder he’s never in the office. He’s got a constant hang-over. It’s hard being a demi-god, you know, able to up-end entire economies with just a whiff of his little pinkie. Watch his media gasp in awe at his super-powers.

For me though – His First Fifty Days? Obama’s progress report is nothing but F’s.

UPDATE: “Hell hath no fury like an America scorned.” Melissa is soooo right!

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