Random CPAC Decompressions

Ok, first of all when I ran into the fellow who knew Obi in college, he was NOT dressed in the yellow chicken suit. That was another guy who was Doug’s roommate for the weekend. Obi’s friend now works for a cruise line that puts together conservative cruises. If you’re interested and book a cruise, mention “Obi’s Sister at CPAC 2009” and I’ll get a commission, or something.

Sean Hackbarth knows everybody. I mean everybody.

Note to self: I must find out where Fausta got those walking shoes. Skye brought along the most fab shoes of all.

Speaking of Fausta, she was a terrific roommate and gracious hostess to this first time CPAC’r. I can’t thank her enough!

People that work in DC must never sleep.

Erick Erickson’s favorite food blog is Smitten Kitchen. Go look and see why.

I’ve added and/or updated links for all the folks I met in the blogroll. Now, blogs with an asterisk (*) denote I’ve met the author(s). Everyone I met was very nice and just as p-o’d as I am about what is happening in our country. While everyone wrings their hands over the impending demise of the republic, I saw hope for the future in the line for Ann Coulter’s book signing on Saturday. A dad, Harry had brought his sons along with books in tow. The boys, Isaiah and Sam were shy and adorable. Sam is home-schooled and Isaiah goes to a private school. Both have courses in politics, listen to Rush and Sean and then more discussion at home. When I asked what they thought of their dad bringing them to an event like CPAC, they looked down at their shoes like little boys do. Finally Sam said, “It’s good.” Good answer – short and to the point! They had come all the way from Massachusetts. They are our future, folks.

Note to self: I need either a better camera or one that I can work without needing my reading glasses.

Stacy is practicing Rule 5, again. He turned out to be a delight in person as well as another Georgia native. A showoff and a man with a plan to rule the blogosphere.

Jimmie is a big fan of The Anchoress as well.

More later (I feel like Dumbledore, slowly filling his pensieve)…

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