Random CPAC Decompression – Part The Second

Some days I wonder if Michael Steele is off his meds. The lovely Melissa Clothier (whom I met Thursday night) has more.

I am definitely Twitter-challenged. My posts aren’t showing up and neither is my picture. Sigh. Another task for a day when more braincells are firing.

Maybe I could wear one of the new ribbons, dude; something in chartreuse, say, for… I don’t know, I forget….

You had to be wanded to get into Geert Wilder’s speech, even though you could see him openly in the restaurant earlier in the day.

Fred. Fred. Fred. Why did you leave me, O Fred? His radio show with wife Jeri launched today.

Fausta, of the cool shoes & CPAC roomie, has her Monday Carnival up.

Hummus is not my friend. Skye said, “Try the hummus, it’s delicious!” And yes, it was. For a while. It’s ok sweetie, you didn’t know and I didn’t remember. The mind is the first thing to go, you know. At least no whipper-snapper called me nasty names.

Two things of note on the way home:
1. Saw Tim & Mary Pawlenty at the airport having some quiet one-on-one time before heading home. And yes, they stayed that way.
2. Read 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper cover to cover on the flight.
3. Got home before the airport closed. Judging from Twitter, a lot of people didn’t.

Ok. So that was three. Like I said, the mind is the first thing to go.

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