Stacy Needs Some Ambien

Heh. This project will be the death of me, literally. I long for those blissful days – “I wish I didn’t know now, what I didn’t know then.” (Toby Keith, I think)

Evidently Stacy (The Other McCain) neither sleeps (Point #1) nor stops talking (Point #2). Evah. So on to Point #1:

I, too, met Cynthia Yockey of NCL at CPAC. But unlike many others, we didn’t discuss social issues or her departed partner. We talked about tomatoes. But she and Stacy and Instapundit are stirring up something that is sure to bring someone’s server to its knees.

So now to Point #2: Every visiting preacher from the SBC cites the same statistics – that Baptist churches are functioning at 70% (conversions, baptisms, memberships, giving, etc.) of what they were 20 years ago. If the church doesn’t wake up and soon, there won’t be a church left to worship in! Stacy and the many folks he quoted are right when he says the up and coming generation are more in tune with how “church” makes them feel, rather than seeing their faith as a flowchart to live their lives.

The loss of that covenantal idea of mutual belonging — you belonged to God, and God belonged to you, and the Bible was an ironclad contract between you — is at the core of the evangelical decline that Julia Duin describes and which Michael Spencer sees turning into a “collapse” of American evangelicism.

Having two nearly-grown-adult-wannabees under my wing makes me a bit of an expert on this subject. But I don’t like to toot my own horn too much. The Anchoress linked to the same articles today, noting

A recent study suggests that a growing number of Americans are either losing their faith or re-evaluating what faith means to them. In a nation where we have been conditioned to want “what we want, when we want it,” or to “have it your way” that is not surprising.

And it is precisely why eventually – sooner than we think – (certainly sooner than I thought) we will see the formation of the schismic Catholic Church of America, to which many, many (including, I am sure, our friend BK) will flock. Because Americans have come to want God to accommodate their worldviews, not the other way around. They want the church that teaches the age throughout the faith, not the church that teaches the faith throughout the age.

For example, these days if you can manage to trot your sins out to the slobbering media and weather the resulting storm – you’re guaranteed permanent shelf life in the public eye (log notwithstanding). Exhibit A. Ick, I need a bath.

Kids never get that life is a whole piece of cloth. They are only interested in what’s going on in the seams at the moment. But back to The Anchoress:

Do not be afraid. Pray. But understand that sometimes things need to happen in order for other things to happen. So, pray for the long view. Pray that God may use you as His instrument. Pray for wisdom and an understanding heart. Pray that when the rubber meets the road, when it’s time to stand up, you’ll be ready and able. Much of what you are fretting about right now is passing illusion. The rest of it, well, we’ll walk that road.

Churches collapse or split all the time, mostly due to selfishness and shortsightedness. Sadly, we’ve witnessed several do just that. So do entire denominations. When you take your eyes off God and turn them on yourself, that’s when the fun really starts, because you just kicked yourself off His team and asked that Other Manager if you can bat clean-up. But He’ll take you back though. It’s called forgiveness, another trait our youngsters have trouble understanding.

Even though America may become a godless nation in the world’s eyes, there will always be home churches and those who believe in prayer. Come on over anytime.

New Computer!

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With new toy, play must I. Now where’s that number to Master Yoda’s tech support?

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