Three Years – Already?

Yes, today is Pi Day and yet another anniversary of this little blog!


It’s been an eventful year! Finally met Fausta in the flesh, went to CPAC where I met tons of other bloggers, was exposed to the Five Rules of Blogging, bought a car but didn’t move to Memphis. Heartfelt thanks to my readers and to my bloggy mom, The Anchoress. She once said that Ed Morrissey was her blog-father. I met him at CPAC, too! I wonder if that makes Michelle Malkin my aunt? My blog family tree is growing, limb by limb.

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And the one that started it all:
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Save the Date, Y’all

April 15, that is. Another TeaParty Day. If Americans can manage to organize these in just a weeks time, just think what will happen after over a month’s planning!

Watch this video from Smart Girl Politics.

Atlanta protest information can be found at Atlanta Tax Protest and Atlanta Tea Party. 6:30 pm at the State Capitol. Georgia, here. National, here.

If you know of more Georgia risings, email or post the link in the comments.

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