Small Blessings

I managed to sit through the Obama 60 Minutes softball tournament without hurling. Hubster did yell at the TV, though, like when the Dawgs are losing to an obviously inferior opponent (or any team that wears orange). Perhaps the fact that I’d just awoke from the usual basketball-induced stupor was what kept me from yelling at the TV myself.

The Lowlight: Are you punch-drunk? To which Obama just wiggled and giggled more, then promptly drug Steve Kroft out (on an obviously cold day) to wax poetic about the new White House swing-set. I wish he’d only be as observant of, say something important to ALL Americans right now -like the economy – as he was on the design of his kid’s new playground.

Current issues not mentioned during the taping: Obama’s first judicial nominee is (wait for it) an ACORN alum.

The vultures are circling for Tim Geithner’s office furniture.

Mob rule in D.C.:

The Law: Of all the alarming things going on in Washington these days nothing is as shocking, or disheartening, as the collapse in respect for the rule of law and the Constitution.

If Obama was truly a constitutional scholar, and editor of the Harvard Law Review, surely, SURELY NOW, he’d put his foot down and stop this nonsense. Is this just more resume-padding coming to light?

It is becoming PAINFULLY obvious the man is in over his head. Kevin McCollough at TownHall:

You could resign but then you place the rudder of the free world into the hands of a man who is arguably more arrogant than you, far more prone to hubris, and far too dimwitted to know the difference.

Your dishonest policies on the science of stem cells, your greatest export to date to other countries: access to abortion, and your insistence on hidden taxes on every American (cap and trade) are not helping America’s confidence in you either.

You do not rule a center-left nation Mr. President, and that’s why you’re feeling the pain and discomfort at present. In fact you don’t “rule” anything at all. We the American people have lent you the authority and the responsibility of administrating our nation’s concerns for a brief period of time. We rule you. You work for us.

In order to improve the situation one of two things must change.

You must move center right, or be prepared to lose in 2012 by a margin larger than your win in 2008.

There are more of us than there are of you. So I’d take the hint, and the sooner the better.

A national malaise of HopeNChange. Fausta is one of the most optimistic people I know – if she’s down, it’s getting really bad!

I hope he fails, too. If he doesn’t, and his many policies are “successfully” enacted, the America we know will cease to exist. My kid’s future is at stake here, folks.

Obama’s landslide victory may be the reawakening of the sleeping giant. Regular, hard-working Americans are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.

The only good thing about the show was the second half – without listening to Obama’s full schlepitude, I’d never have learned about Mr. Ayers and Mr. Lopez (the Julliard-trained homeless musician found in Los Angeles). See there are small blessings still to be had!

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