First Saturday Georgia Round-up

Woke up to MORE RAIN and thunder this morning! At this point, even the mushrooms from Wednesday’s monsoon are growing mushrooms.

Georgia News and Info that caught my eye:

Mark Richt tweets like a man. Woof! Woof!

The Atlanta Tea Party just got bigger. Much bigger. For more information, see The Atlanta Tea Party, Atlanta Tax Protest and SmartGirlPolitics.

“Isakson just became more beatable.”

The Earth Hour Pledge with Georgian Style. I hope that Google satellite will be able to see my house! Besides, I don’t want to miss Ian McKellen in King Lear on GPB.

For all the problems they have down in Clayton County, it’s good to see this is such a priority, especially when “… city council members argue that the new ordinance is necessary to maintain the city’s quality of life…”. If the new ordinance truly drives these types of establishments out of business and keeps new ones from sprouting up, then kudos! But I fear it will only drag Clayton down into more and more litigation.

Georgia blogger Deanna Berry gives a cliff-notes version of the Obama Presidency thus far. Pretty frightening, isn’t it, when you can see your children’s future slipping away? All that, and more, in a handy list.

How about a treasure hunt in hip-deep mud? A meteorite hit landed stuck near Augusta on March 20. There’s a reward to find it. Be sure to take your pot holders.

Update: Instapundit notes a new Georgia law that has resulted in more safety at intersections than increasing said intersection’s revenue stream.

From the mouth of babes…


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