A Small Glimmer, But a Glimmer Nonetheless

This makes me hopeful. Anything that worries Nancy is a good thing. This Sparks fellow bears watching.

If the feds announce charges against corruptocrats like Murtha after years of obvious pork-barrel practices and years of Pelosi protection, expect this to be the Democratic Abramoff. Some Democrats have already begun to prepare themselves for that possibility by defecting and supporting an internal probe, hoping to avoid getting caught in an anti-incumbent rage when the storm hits.

Murtha survived the Abscam scandal. He won’t survive this one if the FBI begins rounding up Magliochetti and his subordinates. And Pelosi may find herself out of leadership if the implosion leads to the loss of enough seats in the midterm elections to put the Democrats back in the minority

I’m not dancin’ on the coffee table yet, just yet. But this is the best news in a couple of weeks.

Another guy to keep an eye on is Andrew Brietbart. From Stacy of the many names:

Some of you newbies may not realize it, but these troll tricks are merely updated online versions of the tactics the Communist Party used in its decades-long subversion campaign. Breitbart and most other conservatives won’t say this in so many words, because it sounds like McCarthyesque conspiracy theory, but it’s nonetheless true: If you want to understand how the American Left operates, you need to spend time studying how the old CPUSA operated.

As they, read the whole thing. And be hopeful.

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