First 100 Days – Rabbit or Turtle?

The only post on Obama’s First 100 Days you’ll need to read is here.

Instead of spending valuable time flitting from photo op to photo op, or televised speech to televised speech…in the manner of a community organizer…our Chief Executive should start at least acting like an executive. If he says there will be transparency in government, then make it so, no excuses. If he says he will engage in bipartisan government, then make it so. If he says he will protect and defend these United States…he darn well should.

So far, he is not.

Honesty and integrity with the American people. That is what we demand, not more photo ops.

Given Obama’s performance on other more visible issues during his first one hundred days, I worry more about the last one hundred days of his Administration.

Read the whole thing.

Tuesday is “Hey Louis Caldera – Update Your Resume” Day

I had a friend once (also a computer type) who always said, “If you’re gonna screw up, make it BIG…spectacular…something people will tell stories about for years.”

Eventually, Louis Caldera, the White House Military Office director strives for the same level of idiocy. One would think (THINK – that means use your brains there buckos) that a stunt like this would cause panic, especially in NYC. Even better, there was to be another, over DC of all places.

Of course HE knew. The Won, you know. Like Joy,

I’m with those who maintain that this couldn’t have been a photo op, because no one would have gone to that expense and taken that political risk to save a few hours in P-Shop.

And then there is the matter of the F-16 that trailed it. I agree with Jammie-Wearing Fool: until I see a flight manifest that proves otherwise, I will believe that at least one member of the First Family was in that plane, and that it was a sightseeing trip. I believe Obama felt that it would be better to get forgiveness rather than permission.

It is so comforting to know our country is safe because the White House is filled with only the best and the brightest of America. According to Jim at GatewayPundit

White House officials knew that the flyover New York City would cause a panic but did it anyway. The White House officials also ordered the flyover be kept secret.

Inconceivable! Ego before the American People? Just days before the Celestial Celebration of the Harmonic Convergance?

Michelle remembers Obama’s glowing endorsement of Caldera upon his appointment:

President-elect Barack Obama announced today that Louis Caldera will serve as Director of the White House Military Office. Caldera brings a lifetime of military and public service to the Military Office, which coordinates all military support for Presidential operations.

“Louis has served his country with distinction in uniform and in government, and his pedigree is second-to-none. I know he’ll bring to the White House the same dedication and integrity that have earned him the highest praise in every post, from Secretary of the Army to university president,” said President-elect Obama.

Shouldn’t a man of such “dedication and integrity” know better? Having a “pedigree…second-to-none” would surely imply that the brain is connected and functioning and able to perform at least third grade math. Remember the “Transitive Property?” If A = B, and B=C, then A=C? How’s this for variable substitution?

A=Americans remember 9/11 every day
B=Planes near highrises cause anxiety
C=Obama has weakened America

You do the math. I’m sure al-Qaeda is chuckling into its hookah over the silly American President’s silly stunt. Silly, silly man. They’ll show him how to fly some planes into buildings. You just wait.

On a lighter note, Stacy is filleting David Brooks again (after all it is Tuesday), but stop by anyway and wish him and the Mrs. Other McCain (who is obviously a SAINT) a happy 20th anniversary!


Megalomaniacal Narcissism

If this is Day 98, no telling what Day 100 will look like. Is he going to float down from the clouds in a bubble? In a perfect pink dress?

Mr. ME-ME-ME-It’s-All-About-ME gave all of NYC a scare today. A BIG scare. Just for some stoooopid pictures. Francis at RedState:

Why are we hopping mad about this? Because no one bothered to tell us. Apparently, DHS informed the New York police, but then instructed them not to say anything about it. The only thing I can guess is that they were afraid one of our friendly neighborhood terrorists might take the opportunity to fling a shoulder-launched missile at the thing.

So people I talked to (who were there on 9/11) said they heard two really loud flybys, and ducked because the next sound they expected to hear was a big crash. If you’re not from here, it’s hard to explain how sensitive people still are about this.

While I am usually loath to link to the NYT for anything, this picture is enough to send most New Yorkers into an apoplectic fit. Maybe someone should have at least notified the MAYOR? Perhaps, maybe, as a courtesy of sorts. But of course, you’d never think of that, because you are incapable of thinking of anything but yourself, sir. Like a loser boyfriend, only worse. HotAir begs

Not sure how or why The One would be responsible for this, but since the left’s being extra-jerky with its fingerpointing today, feel free to put forth your theory in the comments of What This Tells Us About How Obama Views the World. Evidence of his pre-9/11 mentality? Proof of a narcissism so profound as to blind him to American fears? Suggestive of a military that’s out of control under his weak command? Go crazy!

(Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself with extra-emphasizing the above paragraph.)

I wish I’d be able to grade myself during school. Shoot, I’d be some kind of astro-physicist, or something. After all, “I have a gift.” From here on out, all babies must be named after ME! All schools must be named after ME! All art, must be about ME! I share the Anchoress’ reaction

For one such as I, who is rarely “outraged” by the all of the tedious pop-culture “art” that tries to provoke (and guarantees itself headlines) by bastardizing the name or image of The Christ, this image brought forth a surprisingly visceral reaction from me. I threw up a little in my mouth.

That, I suppose, means this is powerful art. After all, neither The DaVinci Code nor Madonna’s Summer Concert Tour Disco Crucifixions have ever elicited more than a yawn out of me.

Or, maybe the rise of my bile had nothing to do with the power of the image, and indicated only that I am powerfully sick of seeing the iconic trappings of my Lord and Savior adorning a man who -until the last 100 days- hadn’t so much as run a hot-dog stand. He’s healed no one, lifted no one from suffering and poverty, invented nothing, taught nothing. Though he has been raised-on-high by his connections and by a sycophantic press that has crumbled upon itself with the strain of supporting him, Obama has himself raised nothing but (for some) expectations, (for others) trepidations and, (for everyone) taxes.

Who else but the Great Savior could travel the world, on the taxpayer’s dime, to apologize for everything America has done the last eight years to keep tyranny at bay? Even across the pond, they think he’s acting worse than a spoiled royal.

In trying to prove his predecessor was nothing but a big meanie, he’s endangered our entire populace and angered some very smart people in the intelligence arena. But it’s nothing but a bright, sunny day in Obama’s Playhouse.

Even a potential pandemic isn’t cause for alarm. After all, no one in his family is sick. Yet.

Jimmie has a great round-up of how the new Messiah is blaming the swine-flu break out on …. wait for it… the GOP. Try to fathomthis logic. As America teeters toward the predicted meltdown, hope and pray no one dies while he’s looking in his mirror.

BOLO – George Zinkhan

Two articles from the AJC outline more on the bizarre Saturday shootings in Athens. One discusses the victims and the other has a picture of the prof turned perp. He is believed to be on the run in a “2005 red Jeep Liberty with Georgia license plate AIX1376.”

More at the Athens Banner-Herald: “Anyone with information is urged to call the Athens-Clarke County police at (706) 613-3888.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Update: The Jeep has been found, but not the man himself. Police searched near Bogart last night and today. Remember – keep a lookout – use caution – he is armed and dangerous.


Sad Saturday Georgia Round-up

Today we said good-bye to hubby’s best friend’s dad. A fine man, husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He was always one of those old fellas who had the ‘twinkly eyes’ – always up to something. The Greatest Generation is shrinking exponentially now. After we, the children and grandchildren of that generation, are gone, who will remember their courage and sacrifice?

Georgia Quote of the Day goes to the Paul Westerdawg of Georgia Sports Blog on Matt Stafford going as the #1 draft pick to the Detroit Lions:

Personally, I’m hoping they use their 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks on offensive linemen. It’s extremely hard to be a good quarterback when you’re in the hospital.

Knowshon Moreno went 12th to Denver. To those who don’t bleed Red & Black, Knowshon is the closest thing in years to the immortal Bulldawg Herschel Walker. Blutarsky gets all misty.

Buzz at PeachPundit lists the Georgia candidates in the next election who tweet. Is it just me, or is it just too soon? We’re still suffering from the last election’s hangover.

Georgia nemesis meets Moron-in-Chief. Captions please.

The CDC, based in Atlanta, is very busy these days. Maybe those clowns in Congress will get serious about closing the border now.

The Barnes stealth campaign continues.

Those little Trade School nanos sure stay busy…

Federal aid for flooded Georgians in South Georgia. Hope its real aid, with no strings attached like that TARP crap.

The Athens Banner-Herald wins the Georgia AP Story of the Year for “Zach’s Life.” Kleenex required.

This Is REALLY Good

Check out the Many Faces of Barack! Especially this one on Post-Modern Baalism…..

Go Trek Yourself

Hilarious! I just did the family pooch. He makes a pretty good looking Romulan. Here, go have fun!

(h/t VodkaPundit)

Milestones and Hailstones

But no gallstones. Or kidney stones. Or the subject of thrown stones. At least, not yet.

The thunderstorms have been lining up like jets in approach. Wham. Bam. Crash. Wonder how much more this little house can take. At least last night’s fireworks didn’t crush my newly planted tomatoes.

A few milestones to recognize today:

The Sundries Shack is almost five years old and proprietor Jimmie is a birthday boy! Stop by and celebrate.

Fausta continues her campaign for Queen of Male Rule 5 Domination.

Parents lose more ground
in the fight to raise their own children.

Another reason to save some energy and turn off the Tube. And park the jet for the day.

Who would have thought that a great American tradition would be brought down by the likes of this little weasel. Or that a new star would be born from the wreckage?

The Anchoress is movin’ on up in the religious writing world. Congrats!

Charles Johnson is beginning to need his own Terror Alert Status. Pammy? Really? Who’s next, my grandma?

Prayers All Around

It just seems like the world is falling apart, doesn’t it?

Pray for our country, especially that it is strong enough to survive the moron in the big chair (hint: you may have won, but I’m not the only one who believes that you cheated.)

Pray for our leaders, in that they remember who they serve (hint: it’s not yourselves).

Pray for our churches, that they survive the members inside their walls (hint: staff members are not dart-boards – try reading the instruction book).

Pray for our colleges, in that professors can keep their petty political feuds behind closed doors (hint: putting students in the cross-fire is not good karma for your tenure).

Pray for our students, from pre-K to post-grad, that they can grow in knowledge and stature (hint: not all of life’s answers are on standardized tests).

Pray for our families, that they survive and thrive in an environment that sneers at mutual respect and commitment (hint: Perez Hilton is not a marriage counselor).

Pray for friends, yourself, the car next to you in traffic, the homeless boy on the corner, the girl in the drive-thru, the living, the unborn, the saved, the not. Just pray.

Especially pray for Deb and her family, that her remaining days be filled with light and love and happiness. Zoe is a lucky girl to have a mom who loved her so well.

Previously: Prayers for Debutaunt

Bet She Keeps A Dog in Her Purse

Tuesday is Useful Idiot Day here at Obi’s Sister. While there is a long list to choose from this week, i.e. Georgia’s AWOL Senators who support that “worthless pro-abortion Big Government crapweasel Arlen Specter”, Napolitano, Geithner, that Hilton creep, most any administrator at Safford MS, Feinstein, BigMouth-in-Chief, unhappy/shrill liberals in need of a good shampoo….I’m running out of breath… Today’s winner is Clueless McCain, the Younger.

Neither the Left, nor most of the media would ever elevate a serious and intelligent member of the GOP. And they are available. The media loves nothing better than to embarrass the GOP. And in Meghan McCain, I suspect they’ve found the perfect dupe. She’s so self-involved she isn’t even in on the joke.

During the dreadful and never-ending campaign for 2008, her handlers kept her relatively contained. Then she started showing up on talk shows prompting many not-know-it-alls to wonder if she was the face of the New GOP. Then she twittered. And twittered. And twittered. Ack, good grief, even Oprah twitters so we all know how hip Twitter is now. But when she started complaining about people who followed her on Twitter (that nasty Karl Rove, he’s so creepy), that was the last straw. Honey, if you want to be in the public eye, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Otherwise, you’re just another rich, spoiled blond with a dog in her purse trying to figure out how to crank a tractor on a reality show. Get over yourself.

Update: Melissa had Meghan on her mind tonight, too.

Those “Unhealthy” Tea Parties and the Patriots Who Love Them

Oh, this is rich. As usual, the sneering Lefties look down their noses at anything that doesn’t fit their respective agendas. Surprise, this time is its Obama’s Severed Appendage Senior Advisor David Axelrod, who saw the Tea Parties as “unhealthy.” That sounds downright Soprano-ish. But Rasmussen found over half of America views the Tea Parties in a favorable light. Who do you believe? Just another political hack or every other house down the block?

While half the nation has a favorable opinion of last Wednesday’s events, the nation’s Political Class has a much dimmer view—just 13% of the political elite offered even a somewhat favorable assessment while 81% said the opposite. Among the Political Class, not a single survey respondent said they had a Very Favorable opinion of the events while 60% shared a Very Unfavorable assessment.

Melissa returned from winning her Sammie Award optimistic.

The most heartening part of the experience was seeing many people who have never been involved much in politics getting motivated and involved. The power of new media was being spread to many who get their news by the MSM. One great moment was when Twitter was explained to mid-50’s business owner and he said, incredulously “the news doesn’t get filtered!”

Through blogs, Twitter, YouTube the message is hitting a critical mass and people never exposed want to learn so they too can spread a message unfiltered and distorted by the traditional media.

If you are the type of person who contributes to the movement with money, I’d recommend the Sam Adams Alliance. They’re doing great work.

That’s the way I felt when I came home from CPAC. The gloom was gone – my kid’s futures didn’t seem like a script from a Matrix movie. I might actually live to see my grandchildren, who wouldn’t be living in cardboard boxes under some corrupt politician’s rich guy’s bridge.

Jimmie detects a trend, especially on the liberal name-calling, so you know it’s hit a nerve. So how about another poll?

A Quiet Day, For Once

In the new scheme of things, Saturday is to be Georgia round-up day. Well, today was a quiet day.

Stacy was in town today, but I was planting my HopeNChange(TM) garden in anticipation of the coming shortages, so I didn’t get a change to run up there. Cool pics, though. And be sure to check out the FMJSRA!

Debbie Kingston Baker FINALLY has a website. Shop to your heart’s content! (My house is full of her stuff. You’ll love it!)

Bad form up in Habersham County.

Ten Five in a row for the Lady Gym Dawgs, ten altogether (according to Obi, Mr. Georgia Sports Stats Jedi Master).

“Bring Out Yer Dead,” or maybe not.

It’s Friday, So What Tha….?

Random links, just because…

“These are not the droids you seek.” Jimmie relates the current administration to the cantina at Mos Eisley, with a chaser of Dune. SciFiDoubleWhammyBooYeah!

Gerard throws in the classic Jabba reference. Scary thing is, well, Wolcott is just scary anyway.

DHS’ hyperdrive is a major FAIL. They must have their stormtroopers helmets on backwards, because they can’t tell who the real enemies are. Me? You? A terrorist threat? Give me a break!

Ok. Enough! Enough! Time for something a little more modern – I really, reeeeeeeealllllllllly wish Jack would torture her. Please. (Via Hot Air – Pleeeeezzzzeee?!?!?)

Tweet of the day (really yesterday) “Fearless prediction: People snarking about “teabagging” will never get babysitting jobs again.” – Pejman

And finally, in totally unrelated news, George Will has been raiding Pat Dye’s closet again. Sissy pants.

Atlanta Tea Party Pictures II

As promised, more pictures! It was an exciting night, and the beginning of something…something big. America of the “Ordinary Folks” is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!


An interesting note about the following young man – people would SIGN his sign – it was covered with autographs of fed-up patriots!



Being vertically challenged, I needed to pull a Zaccheaus and find higher ground. I found a church doorway with steps to stand on. These ladies were sweet enough to share…

My Step Mates

My Step Mates




A most excellent endeavor. My boy watched history in the making!

Update: Reader SC sent in a picture of her clever sign:

Atlanta Tea Party Pictures

Here’s a few…there will be more later. Crowd size was estimated at over 20,000. Way to go Atlanta!

Turning the first corner of the Capitol, we encountered these two glittery young ladies!

Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty aka Donna Strand

The Stage


Jonathan Krohn (The Kid from CPAC)

Jonathan Krohn (The Kid from CPAC)


Update: Buzz has more from ATL. From the perspective of his shots, we were about 50 feet apart. Like you’d really be able to see anybody in that crowd!

JammieWearingFool was there, too. SmartGirlPolitics is planning the after party.

Stacy at UA, with the added bonus of video of the worst reporter ever. GatewayPundit has her smackdown as well as video of his speech in St. Louis.

Melissa and Sparkle had a blast in my old stomping grounds, Houston.

More ATL pictures here.

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