Useful Idiots, Sunshine State Edition

Stacy gives a lesson in “trollmania” and then proceeds to drop kick the latest troll, a certain Mr. Oliver Willis, through the goalposts of life.

I’d not had much trouble with these pesky creatures until I’d returned from my first CPAC conference. Then they came out of the woodwork! The gleeful, “Oh goody, look, I’ve got a comment!” turned into a more glum, “Oh great, look I’ve 15 comments, and I have to moderate them all…”

No politics this Tuesday. Not that there isn’t a wealth of media-bias to comment upon (take a gander at this and then tell me the media isn’t still agog over The Won. Note that the story is being widely covered by the Brits, but nothing on this side of the pond.). Today, my useful idiot rant is about the Florida Highway Patrol, or in particular, the lack thereof.

Last Tuesday, we were happily driving back to Base Camp from a exceptionally blustery but fun day at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. South of JAX on I-95, we were vehicularly molested by a trucker.

We were in the middle lane, minding our own business when the semi swooped up behind us, flashing his brights. It was dark, there were no vehicles in either of the lanes beside us. So we moved over to the left lane to let him pass. He zooms alongside, and then tries to move over on us, trying to drive us into the wall. I flashed the brights and slowed down. So did he. At that point, the hubby called 911. He described what had happened and gave the dispatcher all sorts of information about the truck – tag numbers, etc. While he was talking to her, the trucker tried to come over on us again, so we moved over two lanes into the right lane. As we entered Duval County, she tried to transfer us to the Duval County 911 operator. NO ONE ANSWERED. In the meantime, with the original dispatcher still on the line, the trucker threw garbage out of his passenger window that hit our car and then swerved to the right, trying to run us off the road. Duval County answered after many rings on the second transfer attempt. Their response? “We’ll keep a lookout, sir.”

Would it have been easier for them if we’d just been killed and strewn about the highway?

We finally escaped the insane trucker, but never saw ANY law enforcement (state or local) after our report. In the meantime, the menace is still out there, so beware!

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