Atlanta Tea Party Pictures II

As promised, more pictures! It was an exciting night, and the beginning of something…something big. America of the “Ordinary Folks” is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!


An interesting note about the following young man – people would SIGN his sign – it was covered with autographs of fed-up patriots!



Being vertically challenged, I needed to pull a Zaccheaus and find higher ground. I found a church doorway with steps to stand on. These ladies were sweet enough to share…

My Step Mates

My Step Mates




A most excellent endeavor. My boy watched history in the making!

Update: Reader SC sent in a picture of her clever sign:

Atlanta Tea Party Pictures

Here’s a few…there will be more later. Crowd size was estimated at over 20,000. Way to go Atlanta!

Turning the first corner of the Capitol, we encountered these two glittery young ladies!

Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty aka Donna Strand

The Stage


Jonathan Krohn (The Kid from CPAC)

Jonathan Krohn (The Kid from CPAC)


Update: Buzz has more from ATL. From the perspective of his shots, we were about 50 feet apart. Like you’d really be able to see anybody in that crowd!

JammieWearingFool was there, too. SmartGirlPolitics is planning the after party.

Stacy at UA, with the added bonus of video of the worst reporter ever. GatewayPundit has her smackdown as well as video of his speech in St. Louis.

Melissa and Sparkle had a blast in my old stomping grounds, Houston.

More ATL pictures here.

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