Those “Unhealthy” Tea Parties and the Patriots Who Love Them

Oh, this is rich. As usual, the sneering Lefties look down their noses at anything that doesn’t fit their respective agendas. Surprise, this time is its Obama’s Severed Appendage Senior Advisor David Axelrod, who saw the Tea Parties as “unhealthy.” That sounds downright Soprano-ish. But Rasmussen found over half of America views the Tea Parties in a favorable light. Who do you believe? Just another political hack or every other house down the block?

While half the nation has a favorable opinion of last Wednesday’s events, the nation’s Political Class has a much dimmer view—just 13% of the political elite offered even a somewhat favorable assessment while 81% said the opposite. Among the Political Class, not a single survey respondent said they had a Very Favorable opinion of the events while 60% shared a Very Unfavorable assessment.

Melissa returned from winning her Sammie Award optimistic.

The most heartening part of the experience was seeing many people who have never been involved much in politics getting motivated and involved. The power of new media was being spread to many who get their news by the MSM. One great moment was when Twitter was explained to mid-50’s business owner and he said, incredulously “the news doesn’t get filtered!”

Through blogs, Twitter, YouTube the message is hitting a critical mass and people never exposed want to learn so they too can spread a message unfiltered and distorted by the traditional media.

If you are the type of person who contributes to the movement with money, I’d recommend the Sam Adams Alliance. They’re doing great work.

That’s the way I felt when I came home from CPAC. The gloom was gone – my kid’s futures didn’t seem like a script from a Matrix movie. I might actually live to see my grandchildren, who wouldn’t be living in cardboard boxes under some corrupt politician’s rich guy’s bridge.

Jimmie detects a trend, especially on the liberal name-calling, so you know it’s hit a nerve. So how about another poll?

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