Bet She Keeps A Dog in Her Purse

Tuesday is Useful Idiot Day here at Obi’s Sister. While there is a long list to choose from this week, i.e. Georgia’s AWOL Senators who support that “worthless pro-abortion Big Government crapweasel Arlen Specter”, Napolitano, Geithner, that Hilton creep, most any administrator at Safford MS, Feinstein, BigMouth-in-Chief, unhappy/shrill liberals in need of a good shampoo….I’m running out of breath… Today’s winner is Clueless McCain, the Younger.

Neither the Left, nor most of the media would ever elevate a serious and intelligent member of the GOP. And they are available. The media loves nothing better than to embarrass the GOP. And in Meghan McCain, I suspect they’ve found the perfect dupe. She’s so self-involved she isn’t even in on the joke.

During the dreadful and never-ending campaign for 2008, her handlers kept her relatively contained. Then she started showing up on talk shows prompting many not-know-it-alls to wonder if she was the face of the New GOP. Then she twittered. And twittered. And twittered. Ack, good grief, even Oprah twitters so we all know how hip Twitter is now. But when she started complaining about people who followed her on Twitter (that nasty Karl Rove, he’s so creepy), that was the last straw. Honey, if you want to be in the public eye, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Otherwise, you’re just another rich, spoiled blond with a dog in her purse trying to figure out how to crank a tractor on a reality show. Get over yourself.

Update: Melissa had Meghan on her mind tonight, too.

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