Prayers All Around

It just seems like the world is falling apart, doesn’t it?

Pray for our country, especially that it is strong enough to survive the moron in the big chair (hint: you may have won, but I’m not the only one who believes that you cheated.)

Pray for our leaders, in that they remember who they serve (hint: it’s not yourselves).

Pray for our churches, that they survive the members inside their walls (hint: staff members are not dart-boards – try reading the instruction book).

Pray for our colleges, in that professors can keep their petty political feuds behind closed doors (hint: putting students in the cross-fire is not good karma for your tenure).

Pray for our students, from pre-K to post-grad, that they can grow in knowledge and stature (hint: not all of life’s answers are on standardized tests).

Pray for our families, that they survive and thrive in an environment that sneers at mutual respect and commitment (hint: Perez Hilton is not a marriage counselor).

Pray for friends, yourself, the car next to you in traffic, the homeless boy on the corner, the girl in the drive-thru, the living, the unborn, the saved, the not. Just pray.

Especially pray for Deb and her family, that her remaining days be filled with light and love and happiness. Zoe is a lucky girl to have a mom who loved her so well.

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