Megalomaniacal Narcissism

If this is Day 98, no telling what Day 100 will look like. Is he going to float down from the clouds in a bubble? In a perfect pink dress?

Mr. ME-ME-ME-It’s-All-About-ME gave all of NYC a scare today. A BIG scare. Just for some stoooopid pictures. Francis at RedState:

Why are we hopping mad about this? Because no one bothered to tell us. Apparently, DHS informed the New York police, but then instructed them not to say anything about it. The only thing I can guess is that they were afraid one of our friendly neighborhood terrorists might take the opportunity to fling a shoulder-launched missile at the thing.

So people I talked to (who were there on 9/11) said they heard two really loud flybys, and ducked because the next sound they expected to hear was a big crash. If you’re not from here, it’s hard to explain how sensitive people still are about this.

While I am usually loath to link to the NYT for anything, this picture is enough to send most New Yorkers into an apoplectic fit. Maybe someone should have at least notified the MAYOR? Perhaps, maybe, as a courtesy of sorts. But of course, you’d never think of that, because you are incapable of thinking of anything but yourself, sir. Like a loser boyfriend, only worse. HotAir begs

Not sure how or why The One would be responsible for this, but since the left’s being extra-jerky with its fingerpointing today, feel free to put forth your theory in the comments of What This Tells Us About How Obama Views the World. Evidence of his pre-9/11 mentality? Proof of a narcissism so profound as to blind him to American fears? Suggestive of a military that’s out of control under his weak command? Go crazy!

(Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself with extra-emphasizing the above paragraph.)

I wish I’d be able to grade myself during school. Shoot, I’d be some kind of astro-physicist, or something. After all, “I have a gift.” From here on out, all babies must be named after ME! All schools must be named after ME! All art, must be about ME! I share the Anchoress’ reaction

For one such as I, who is rarely “outraged” by the all of the tedious pop-culture “art” that tries to provoke (and guarantees itself headlines) by bastardizing the name or image of The Christ, this image brought forth a surprisingly visceral reaction from me. I threw up a little in my mouth.

That, I suppose, means this is powerful art. After all, neither The DaVinci Code nor Madonna’s Summer Concert Tour Disco Crucifixions have ever elicited more than a yawn out of me.

Or, maybe the rise of my bile had nothing to do with the power of the image, and indicated only that I am powerfully sick of seeing the iconic trappings of my Lord and Savior adorning a man who -until the last 100 days- hadn’t so much as run a hot-dog stand. He’s healed no one, lifted no one from suffering and poverty, invented nothing, taught nothing. Though he has been raised-on-high by his connections and by a sycophantic press that has crumbled upon itself with the strain of supporting him, Obama has himself raised nothing but (for some) expectations, (for others) trepidations and, (for everyone) taxes.

Who else but the Great Savior could travel the world, on the taxpayer’s dime, to apologize for everything America has done the last eight years to keep tyranny at bay? Even across the pond, they think he’s acting worse than a spoiled royal.

In trying to prove his predecessor was nothing but a big meanie, he’s endangered our entire populace and angered some very smart people in the intelligence arena. But it’s nothing but a bright, sunny day in Obama’s Playhouse.

Even a potential pandemic isn’t cause for alarm. After all, no one in his family is sick. Yet.

Jimmie has a great round-up of how the new Messiah is blaming the swine-flu break out on …. wait for it… the GOP. Try to fathomthis logic. As America teeters toward the predicted meltdown, hope and pray no one dies while he’s looking in his mirror.

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