Debutaunt’s Final Words

Debbie Greer-Costello, the blogger Debutaunt, passed away on May 18, 2009 after a long and courageous battle against leukemia. I never met her personally, but felt like a long-lost friend, laughing with her, crying with her, as I followed her journey.

This is her final post; created by her sister. She was big on giving out assignments and she leaves us a list of things to do. Do them for her.

Summer Is Here – Fry a Chicken

Nothing says summer down south than the aroma of frying chicken wafting from down the street. This is a sweet story and a great recipe.

fried chicken

Save a leg for me! That one…right there.


Thanks Gerard, for luring me in….

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Kinda like Twitter, but with music. It sucks you in….and like The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T, you cannot escape!

The Big, Fluffy Pile-On

Tuesday rolls around again and my malaise lingers. Dragging my way into work, the radio blared the news, “President Obama nominates Sotomayer for SCOTUS!!! Bring out the multi-culti-government-approved-CPSIA-compliant-pinata for the Rose Garden press conference!!! Dance in the streets!!!”

Oh, gag me with a spoon. Can’t anybody at least pretend to work for the coveted “Useful Idiot” of Useful Idiot Tuesday anymore? Today I’m making them share it, simply because President Sta-Puff can’t hog the award every week, like all those Newsweek covers. It’s incredible though, that President Lightweight manages to find one lawyer even fluffier than he. I echo The Anchoress:


Howard Kurtz just annoyed me on twitter by passing on the news that the Mainstream Media will be pressing forward on Sotomayer’s “compelling life story,” and he suggests the press will be wondering if the GOP (given that several Republican senators voted for Sotomayer in the lower court) would dare to oppose this “First Puerto Rican” SCOTUS nominee. Specifically Puerto Rican, mind you, not simply “Latina.”

I wasn’t annoyed at Kurtz personally, but at the press’ immediate willingness to play a race card on behalf of the Democrats. When President Bush nominated Miquel Estrada to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, I don’t recall the press wondering if the Dems should dare commence with their successful filibuster because of race.

Moreover I find the posy-bearing “compelling life story” idea to be gag-inducing. Aside from making news reporters sound like they’re narrating programming for the LifeStyle network (“…in a moment, a very special story…”) it seems manipulative and dishonest, to me. Good heavens, if anyone on the Supreme Court has a “compelling life story” it is Clarence Thomas, but the press didn’t feel the need to gush over his rise from dirt-poverty. And if a “compelling life story” is all it takes to be a Justice, then let’s just haul Susan Boyle over here and be done with it!

With Sotomayor’s nomination we’ll see both race and gender card be played. If you don’t like her, you’re a racist misogynist.

So “compelling” a life, in fact, that during her introduction she couldn’t stop talking about the South Bronx. Good heavens, is she auditioning for Frenchie in Grease? Channeling Carmela Soprano? Exactly how does a tough street cred help her through the nomination process? Wouldn’t an exhibition of her knowledge of law be more appropriate? Stacy nails the “puttin’ on airs:”

…why are we always hearing about people being from the South Bronx? Never in my life have I heard anybody even mention the North Bronx.

What’s up with that? My guess is that while the South Bronx is all gritty and mean streets with graffiti and gang bangers and pimps and all that, the North Bronx probably must be like a vanilla bland suburban scene, with Ikea stores and stuff.

So nobody wants to admit they’re from boring, bourgeois North Bronx, which is uncool, like being from Connecticut or Long Island. Kids in North Bronx, with their safe neighborhoods and shopping malls, probably lie and say they’re South Bronx, because otherwise people would think they were wimps and beat them up.

This government is becoming so Lightweight – it may begin to float off on its own! More to come, as I search for synonyms for vacuous….

Update: Welcome American Issues Project readers! Pull up a chair and set a spell. Hope you’re hungry… Just search on Obama or Pelosi, you’ll have plenty to read and time to stay for pie.

Remember The Fallen

Dreary Saturday Georgia Round-Up

After winning an extra-innings thriller on Thursday night, looks like the Diamond Dawgs are in a rain delay against LSU.

Rex Robinson, Dawg kicker extraordinaire, has a blog! About the F-state:

There is a fine line between focus and obsession and an even finer one between obsession and you are just being stupid.

Meet candidates for Governor at the Dacula Memorial Day BBQ at the big pavilion.

Stay or go? In my opinion, Jacksonville stopped being a neutral site years ago.

Stacy is the King of Rock ‘n’ Rock. Plus he was a student of my son’s history teacher. Heaven help us all. 😉

Yet another happy result of three years of drought:

Three years of drought has meant that three years of unhatched mosquito eggs were around when heavy rains caused flooding throughout Southwest Georgia in March, Maschke said.

Georgia RedState gathering!
Be there, be square.

The “One-Man Economic Plague”

Randomness on a Friday night:

Commenter at Gateway Pundit wins QOTD! Read the whole thing!


Who’s gonna clean up this PR mess?

Marco Rubio is the Anti-Crist.

Obama’s knee-pads are getting a real workout.

Presidential speech writer plays Word Twister.

Dry with a flamethrower, just to be sure.

Stevie has pictures on the impending cap and trade heist.

The new “boss” is definitely not the same as the old boss. The money shot –

It can happen because we are allowing it to happen. We are too busy, too worried about the economy, too frightened of the future, and too complacent about the idea that “It could never happen here.” It’s happening now and not enough of us are raising our voices in protest. Not enough of us are demanding that our politicians be held to account for meekly accepting Obama’s fait accomplis.

The Gift of Tears

For many years, friends and acquaintances have told me I have the “Gift of Tears.” Ol’ Gusher, that’s me.

If you don’t read anything else today, read this at The Anchoress.

A wise old nun once told me [her] that some people are “gifted” with tears, and this is a very great gift, because the tears are an outward manifestation of Wisdom and Understanding. Those, of course, are gifts of the Holy Spirit, and with them comes gratitude, and with gratitude comes increasing JOY, which is one of the Fruits of the Spirit.

Spring Means Fruit and Fruit Means PIE

Well, really spring rarely happens anymore in Atlanta. It’s that 48 hours between the morning you finally feel it’s safe to turn the furnace off before that afternoon you need to turn the A/C on. 55 degrees on Monday, 85 by Wednesday. No inbetweenies. North Carolina still has a spring. Atlanta usually doesn’t.

But spring/early summer means FRUIT and fruit means PIE. Forget those fancy nouveau cakes of many layers and fancy do-daddies you see on the cake shows (unless they are chocolate, of course!). I like pie. I LOVE pie. I even started this blog on Pi Day – how’s that for likin’ pie?

Smitten Kitchen has put me into a raspberry swoon. I looooooovve rassssssberries. A container seldom makes it home from the store before being raided. Yum.

Go there for the recipe, funny commentary and pictures to die for. Rasssssssberrrrrrries. Gimme gimme gimme.


Update: Yeah, yeah, so what that I posted the Thursday Food Fun on Wednesday. Who cares? It’s all about the raaaahhhhhhhhsssssssbeeerrrrrries! That reminds of a post long, long ago at The Anchoress about “Stru-auorwwwberries.”

The Circle of Life

Linked over at The Other McCain. All that is old is new again. The best teachers make their subjects live before their student’s eyes. John Siegel, LSHS – Best.History.Teacher.Evah.

So, help me here, knowing what we all know about Stacy…exactly what does it mean that he and my boy share the bond of being Siegelized?

Two-for-Tuesday Useful Idiots

Sick (hope I don’t have the swine flu!) and exhausted, so I’ll take the easy road and jump on the Pelosi Pile-on for Tuesday’s Useful Idiot. Pelosi has been a favorite topic around here for a long, long time. What a piece of work!

Smitty at The Other McCain has a good round-up, complete with incredulous quotes.

Jimmie at The Sundries is keeping count of how many times Nancy’s changed her story.

The drumbeat of resignation has begun. Her position is becoming squishier by the day. Rep. Boehner is keeping the heat on Pelosi to put up or shut up.

No amount of plastic-surgery will fix this mess she’s in.

Co-winner this week is Maureen Dowd, who audaciously plagiarized a lefty-blogger. No wonder they pay her 300K a year for original insight. Of course, after copying the text, the only words she changed were to make it Bush’s fault. Why can’t she just confess and apologize? Why so many excuses? Oh wait, remember where she works – the NYT, the liberal mouthpiece of HopeNChange. Talk about being led around by the nose by the left!

Prayers for the Greer Extended Family

Debby Greer-Costell, aka Debutuant, passed away peacefully this morning. Pray for her family, her sisters and especially Zoe, her beautiful daughter. Hopefully more details to follow.

Donate to her tip jar here.

Previously: Prayers All Around, Prayers for Debutuant

UPDATE: Obit here. If you’re in the Houston area: wake tonight, memorial tomorrow, college fund for Zoe.

New Blog of Note

Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain has started a new blog, Not One Red Cent, that targets the RINOs who want our money, but not the privilege of representing us in DC. It all started with Erick Erickson’s Facebook group protesting the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s idiotic endorsement of Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate race a whopping 15 months before the primary!

Bookmark it and as with anything involving Stacy, hold on because it will be a wild ride!


The Godfather Presidency

John Huntsman, Governor of Utah, steps down and accepts Obama’s offer of the US Ambassadorship to China. Evidently even the appearance of thinking of maybe testing the waters for 2012 was enough for Obama to entice him with a plumb appointment far, far away from America’s ravenous media. As Vito Corleone once told his son Michael:

…keep your friends close but your enemies closer

While Moe Lane thinks this will help Huntsman in the long run and is a gift of sorts from The Won,

By co-opting Huntsman, Obama will have successfully pacified the lone Republican 2012 challenger, thereby ensuring a stable route to victory. Then, of course, is the knowledge that he’ll likely receive Republican praise for his gesture of bipartisanship, however politically shrewd it may be.

Obama is an impressively calculating politician, perhaps more so than his former opponent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As such, he realizes a nomination of this nature will offer Huntsman the last needed ingredient for presidential success: foreign policy bona fides.

I really hope Moe is right, especially since the GOP needs as much help as it can get, but for now I tend to agree with Allah in that the further away Obama can ship him (or any potential usurpers to the throne), the better.

So much for the great moderate hope in 2012. What’s his angle here? Three possibilities: (a) Despite all appearances, he was never thinking of running for president. (b) He was thinking of running, but he’s enough of a patriot that he couldn’t say no when the president called on him. (c) He was aiming at 2016 all along and this is actually a brilliant move to burnish his bipartisan cred and his foreign-policy gravitas in advance, especially insofar as it makes him a player with a rising superpower like China. My only question is, how does he get back on the national stage after he’s done as ambassador?

[…]Needless to say, in co-opting a potential rival, it’s a typically cagey move by The One.

[Allah’s] Update: To expand on that last thought, I don’t think anyone on Obama’s team considered Huntsman a serious threat to beat him in 2012 but they’re obviously keen for the public to perceive the GOP as “far right.” Hence their obsession with Rush. Huntsman was a threat to that strategy so they needed to get him off the national stage and as far away as possible. Mission accomplished.

Get some armed guards for your horses, folks. Who knows whose beds they’ll turn up in.

Vacuousity as a Virtue

Sorry so quiet. Work and life double-whammy tsunami keep me distracted elsewhere. Questions to ponder regarding the office of POTUS:

Who wants to be President of a nation of people who’ve been told to go away, simply because the Head Man and his Minions simply can’t focus on something as trivial as real domestic issues because the gigantic power-grab sucks all their band-width?

Why does meddling in markets that, previously, took care of themselves, rank higher on a President’s to-do list than protecting American shores?

When he grows up, will he finally have a set like this fella? (Believe me, I mean no offense. I’m proud of him for walking out on that goon!)

Did you learn the law to uphold it or to know how to break it, with impunity?

Do you know where your graphing calculator is? Better yet, do you know how to use it?

Is this the beginning of the end?

Tell me, does the Presidential Executive Management Tool include advice to “purchase stock in flip-flops?”

Why do you want to take away my Cheerios, sir? What have I ever done to you?

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