The Bully in the Big Chair

This week’s useful idiot is the Big Boy himself. (h/t InstaPundit)

He buys a burger – ooooo it’s news! (Ace is also rolling his eyes on this one.)

He has his own math – ooooo he’s so smart!

But the best is yet to come (all via Hot Air):

It appears the vaunted Obama Meddlesome Chrysler Deal violates the 5th Amendment.

One might think that a Constitutional scholar like Barack Obama would have already known that [read the article to see the law precedent], but either this precedent escaped him or he doesn’t care about it at all. Brandeis acted to uphold contract law, especially in the face of a government interest in paying off politically-connected unsecured creditors ahead of the senior creditors. There is no other reason for Brandeis to make that decision, as only government could insert itself into the contractual relationship during a bankruptcy proceeding — just as Obama has done with Chrysler.

Oh, it gets better. Obama’s administration has threatened Chrysler’s senior creditors with public attacks if they don’t surrender their rights to the spoils. There are even witnesses.

Business Insider reports that more than one Chrysler senior creditor has corroborated Thomas Lauria’s allegation that the Obama administration threatened them with public attacks if they didn’t surrender their contractual rights. One of their sources says that the Obama team comprises some of the worst “ends justify the means” people he’s ever encountered…

Well, that’s certainly reassuring. The man at the helm during one of the biggest economic crises in decades is a madman who will act in an unpredictable and irrational manner if he doesn’t get his way. It sounds like they paint Obama as either a lunatic or a petulant child.

Read them both and weep for our nation. I think I’ll order more Constitutions from the Heritage Foundation and send them to 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue. PeeWee is in the big chair and he likes bullying people around. In fact, he has the White House Press Corp so cowed, they stand when he enters the room (but of course, they’d never do the same for the evil ChimpyBushMcHilter). This is the same pool of piranhas he threatens to sic on Chrysler’s senior creditors. They will attack when told and not a shred of flesh will be left. After all, their order come from Above.

[Insert severed horse head reference here]

We haven’t heard the madman theory, since what, Nixon?

Jeff G. advises the libs want us to just move along, nothing to see here. Except fascism in the making.

Calm, sober centrism. Not fascism. No. Mustn’t stoop to the level of our political opponents and call fascism fascism. Otherwise we’re no better than they were when they were calling everything decidedly NOT fascism fascism.

Oh. And while we’re at it, stop making the claim that the left is forcing us to cede control of language. Such a claim is perfectly outrageous!

Oh wait, can I say that on TV? Is that one of the 2,378 words I can’t say on TV anymore?

Speaking of cheesy TV, in related news, Smitty at The Other McCain is playing AlGore Hold ‘Em.


  1. May 5, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    […] Original post by Obi’s Sister […]


  2. May 15, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    […] White House puts UAW ahead of property rights, via Instapundit. Look for the union label, says Neoneocon. It’s enough to make Obi’s Sister post about the bully in the big chair. […]


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