Playing Catch-Up

Just back in town after a whirlwind long weekend of music, soccer and more soccer. Baked like a cake, we did, in that microwave known as South Georgia. College Girl’s senior recital is now under her belt and she can breathe a little easier.

Since I’ve been out of circulation for almost 5 days, here’s some random randomness, because I’m like that.

Check out the new, slick news site in the blogroll – Not Tucker Carlson.

A sign of the times?

For those that read Playboy just for the articles… (yeah, right)…this was particularly bad-form, even for them.

Speaking of bad form, this is just unreal.


How many big dates do I have to give up, so that the Obama’s can soak me for theirs?

Does anything even matter to this man, other than his burning desire to destroy/weaken America?

The Steele is out (no, not that one).

Government General Motors is a mirror to our future.

How many more decades does affirmative action have to putter along until some government bean counter announces parity has been achieved?

What if these had been Klan members instead? Beginning to see a pattern here?

More death threats for Jawa Report.

PeachPundit Atlanta Gathering, June 11 and belated birthday wishes to Erick, The Man.

1 Comment

  1. Icarus said,

    June 3, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    Hope you had a great vacation. Thanks for the plug for the Peach Pundit gathering. It’s non-partisan, and open to all. Hope to see you there.

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