6000 Words of What?

Again, as I said yesterday, people smarter than me are doing a fine job of analyzing Obama’s speech in Cairo (Egypt, not Georgia). Read away, it’s fabulous stuff:

Michelle Malkin: Rainbows and unicorns

Gateway Pundit: Senator Inhofe wonders, “I Just Don’t Know Whose Side He’s On?”

Gabe at Ace: The shout-out to the ladies was “hajibs are more important than other things…” like female genital mutilation.

The Anchoress: Obama as an onion – one layer revealed at a time.

Not Tucker Carlson: A new beginning… of what?

Fausta: What was missing?

Legal Insurrection (h/t The Other McCain): Obama’s short straw rhetoric.

Pundette: Obama isn’t cool, he’s cold.

Erick: The Won’s moral equivalence – apply liberally.

Warner Todd Huston at RedState: USA – expired!

What does this say about how President Obama feels about his own nation? Is he not interested in “elevating” us to a higher status if possible? Are we to assume he wants to keep the U.S. down so that it won’t outshine any other nation? Should we assume that he wants to make sure we have as dismal a standard of living as other countries just to be “fair”? Should we abandon our status in the world to avoid the appearance of being “elevated”?

I don’t know about you but the idea of a leveled world playing field implicit in this comment seems to compare quite well with Obama’s stated ideals of “spreading the wealth” that gave him so much trouble during the late presidential campaign.

Breakfast Tomorrow with Notorious Blogger

Well, Well, Well, Lookie Here. I’m having breakfast tomorrow with the World’s Most Notorious Blogger. He’s staying just down the road on a quick trip to Georgia (home sweet home).

I wonder if he’ll wear his fancy bow-tie

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