The Six Degrees of Stacy McCain

You’ve heard of that game “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” (which is really based on Frigyes Karinthy’s theory first published in 1929 and further popularized by playwright John Guare). The premise is that everyone on earth can be connected through the people they know, with at most 6 friends between them.

Saturday morning, I got to play this game with Notorious Blogger, Stacy McCain, during breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in Douglas County, Georgia. He was in Georgia to give a speech up in Rome to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Accompanied by the Hubster and our two (respective) sons, we had a lively discussion. While the boys discussed what teenage boys do (sports, girls, school, girls, guitars, girls), the grown-ups at the table discussed the elitoids in academia, being Southern in a anti-Southern world, how the much the area had changed, high school marching bands (he played trombone, I played trumpet), our families and our upbringing.

Readers of this blog already know that my son and Stacy share the same high school alma mater and are proud survivors of Siegel-land. We proceeded to find a few more mutual acquaintances. Including the one that knows Obi (the Obi that Obi’s Sister is named for), the illustrious and historic Sasquatch of Spirit of Atlanta fame.

It was loads of fun.

Bloggers at Breakfast

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  1. October 7, 2009 at 8:26 am

    […] Stacy, remember when we discussed this very topic over breakfast back in the summer? We were […]


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